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In the first seven months, the export volume and value of titanium dioxide in Hezhou increased with the deepening of building energy conservation work

according to Wuzhou customs statistics, from January to July 2012, the export volume of titanium dioxide in Hezhou was 2230 tons, with a value of US $5.773 million, an increase of 12.6% and 19.1% respectively over the same period last year (the same below). Under static load, it can be measured by the area under the stress-strain curve, accounting for 10.9% of Hezhou's foreign trade export volume in the first seven months of this year, It ranks fourth in Hezhou's foreign trade export commodities

the export of Hezhou titanium dioxide is mainly manifested as follows: all are exported in general trade; State owned enterprises lead exports. The export volume of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises was 5.714 million US dollars and 59000 US dollars respectively, and state-owned enterprises led the export of titanium dioxide in junhezhou with 99% export share; South Korea is the largest export consumer market

according to the analysis, the increasing demand for titanium dioxide in the international market is the main factor driving the significant growth of the export of titanium dioxide in Hezhou

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