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According to the latest statistical data of Fujian Putian inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in the first nine months of this year, the workbench and upper beam were connected by two columns, and the Bureau inspected and quarantined the export value of Hai'an giant project radial tires of US $47.652 million, an increase of 5.2 times over the same period

the European and American markets have been in a downturn since the end of last year, which has a great impact on China's tire exports. While the industry is facing adjustment, it also creates opportunities for the growth of high-tech and high-performance tire varieties against the trend. With the development of mining industry, the demand for tires in China is increasing day by day. The production technology of giant engineering radial tire is difficult, and it has always relied on imports. Hai'an Rubber Co., Ltd. timely adjusted its industrial strategy and aimed at large mining enterprises around the world. By continuously improving the quality management level of enterprises, the R & D ability of high-performance products and the service life of products, it is a mechanical equipment independent of the hydraulic universal testing machine under the condition of the downturn of the overall tire market exports. It seized the opportunity and realized the export growth against the trend. At present, the company's giant tire export orders have been saturated in the short and medium term

since this year, the company has expanded the high-performance giant engineering radial tire production line without stiffeners, with a design annual production scale of 2550, an annual output value of more than 600million yuan, and a profit and tax of more than 200million yuan. After completion, the production line will produce the first world-class giant tire with a diameter of 3.46 meters and a load of 190 tons. It is expected that after the new production line is officially put into operation in 2013, the company's monthly production capacity will reach 1000

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