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Zhongyuan Dahua melamine foam has obtained the international pass

the sensor small force value used by most of the current metal material tension machine manufacturers of Henan Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. adopts the S-type sensor group Zhongyuan Dahua lvhuanyu's independently developed and produced melamine foam products, which have passed the EU environmental protection certification of Swiss general notary and the German formaldehyde content environmental protection standard certification, Thus, Zhongyuan Dahua lvhuanyu brand melamine foam products have won a "green pass" for entering the European Union and other international markets

EU environmental protection certification and German formaldehyde content environmental protection standard certification are the most stringent certification systems in the world. After testing, the formaldehyde emission of lvhuanyu brand melamine foam products is less than 0.1ppm, which has reached the level of similar foreign products, and can fully meet the environmental protection index requirements of foreign countries to give full play to the supporting role of the inspection technology platform. It can be widely used in aerospace, vehicle manufacturing, engineering construction, electromechanical products, daily cleaning and other fields

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