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Zhongshan "UAV" air show won business opportunities

Zhongshan Xingtu aerospace product "UAV" made its debut at Zhuhai Air Show. Photographed by Li Xusheng of this newspaper, several young bosses of Zhongshan Xingtu Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xingtu company) can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The company made its debut at another air show in Zhuhai and was even favored by buyers from many countries

"this is our first time to participate in the Zhuhai Air Show, and it is also our product's first appearance. The exhibition has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign buyers such as Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, the United Kingdom, and some domestic universities and scientific research institutions have also extended an olive branch of cooperation." On the morning of November 13, xuhouchao, the general manager of the company, told

the 12th China International Aerospace Expo (the 18 Zhuhai air show can be held with 201 tensile testing machines) was held in Zhuhai from November 6 to 11. Xingtu aerospace is the only enterprise participating in the exhibition in our city. According to Xu houchao, at the Zhuhai Air Show, Xingtu company had an exhibition area of 36 square meters, and the main exhibits were: tr-30 tilt rotor UAV, vehicle mounted shelter ground station, portable ground station, observation strike integrated UAV concept aircraft, etc. Among them, the portable ground station can complete mission planning, route, data playback and other functions; Built in high-capacity lithium-ion polymer battery, the self-sustaining capacity of the system can reach 3 hours. The shelter ground station is equipped with UPS power supply, and its self-supporting capacity exceeds 2 hours; Tr-30 tilt rotor UAV combines the advantages of multi rotor UAV vertical take-off and landing and fixed wing UAV with long endurance and heavy load. It has good environmental adaptability and superior performance

according to Xu houchao, the maximum airspeed of tr-30 "15. Overload protection of tensile stripping experimental machine: when the load exceeds 3 (5)% of each gear value", developed and produced by the company, can reach 150km/h; 5kg load endurance can be achieved 5 hours, maximum load 10kg, ceiling 5500m. These indicators are at the leading level in the same industry

according to the introduction, Xingtu Aerospace R & D team began to set up in Nanshan District of Shenzhen in 2015. After the technology of tilt rotor UAV matured, it settled in Zhongshan. At present, all the R & D teams have moved to Zhongshan. Xu houchao has a research and development team of more than 10 people, with an average age of 29, and more than half of them are masters. In more than two years of research and development, the team has invested more than 10 million yuan, focusing on the research and development of tilt rotor flight control system

in October 2017, Xingtu Aerospace officially settled in Cuiheng new area, which is a leading R & D enterprise of tilt rotor UAV in China. At present, the company has advanced core technologies in several major fields, such as overall, aerodynamic, structural, flight control, and power system, and has applied for more than 10 patents. Its existing products include tr Series High-Performance tilt rotor UAV, special flight control for VTOL UAV, G series general ground station, etc

in Cuiheng new area, this young entrepreneurial team is investing unlimited enthusiasm. The company's practice is not only related to the normal work efficiency, but also has 56 prototypes in the laboratory for flight tests, verification of new equipment and algorithms, etc. Xuhouchao introduced that Xingtu aerospace has set the company's short-term goals. For example, in 2019, we will strive to become a national high-tech enterprise and complete the listing in 3-5 years

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