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Zhongyan Zhuhua titanium dioxide plant six measures to improve quality

Zhongyan Zhuhua titanium dioxide plant recently held a special meeting to comprehensively analyze how to further improve product quality under high load production and determine quality control measures

first of all, the factory has determined the overall policy of improving product quality as: starting from the source, standardizing post operations, and strictly controlling process indicators. Secondly, pay close attention to the instantaneous quantity of ore blending, increase the frequency of analysis and sampling, and strengthen the spot check and assessment of ore blending. Third, reduce the secondary Fe content of water washing that affects whiteness, strictly strengthen the control of acid hydrolysis stability, F value, clarity and other indicators, ensure the hydrolysis quality, prevent unqualified materials from entering the next process, and strictly control the process indicators such as the thickness of water washing film, washing time, washing temperature and so on. Fourth, ensure the stability of the feed volume of the rotary kiln, reduce the rotating speed of the drum, improve the solid content of the feed of the rotary kiln, control the uniform feed, further rectify the leakage point of the tail gas system, and improve the calcination intensity. Fifthly, the production department is required to strengthen the monitoring of various process indicators, set hard indicators for each operation step, formulate management measures for our company to adopt imported grating displacement meters, track and solve existing problems, and organize technical research. Sixthly, the equipment department is required to meet the urgent needs of production, and make every effort to ensure the timely arrival of spare parts and materials, so as to escort the high-load production and the improvement of product quality

at the same time, these measures have been implemented and the product quality has been effectively improved

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