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Zhongshan conveyor belt wholesale

polystyrene foam is divided into expandable EPS and continuous extruded XPS. Compared with EPS board, XPS board is the third generation of hard foaming insulation material. Zhongshan conveyor belt wholesale overcomes the complicated production process of EPS board and has superior performance that EPS board cannot replace. It is made of polystyrene resin and other additives through the extrusion process. It has a continuous and uniform surface layer and closed cell honeycomb structure. These thick plates with honeycomb structure are wholesale on Zhongshan conveyor belt, and there is no gap at all, This kind of insulation material with closed cell structure can have different pressures (kPa) and have the same low thermal conductivity (only 0.028w/m.k) and long-lasting excellent insulation and compression resistance, which makes it a great challenge for China to build a low-carbon life and a green society. Zhejiang Jixiang Automobile Research Institute Co., Ltd. is the exclusive co organizer, and the compressive strength can reach kPa

workshop barriers are widely used in the isolation of workshop warehouses or between market stalls. Zhongshan conveyor belt wholesale has good protection performance. The biggest advantages are small floor area, increased effective space, strong light transmittance and low requirements for auxiliary lighting facilities

product advantages

1 The structure is novel and elegant

2. The overall stability is outstanding

3. All parts are highly rustproof and modified. The key performance indicators of traditional carbon materials are studied and processed, and the service life is long

4. Maintenance free and never fade

5. It has good protection performance, small floor area, increased effective space, strong light transmittance and low requirements for auxiliary lighting facilities

main markets

are particularly suitable for internal isolation of workshops and warehouses, isolation of wholesale market stalls, plant isolation, etc

product features

are widely used in the isolation of workshops, warehouses or market stalls, and the isolation and protection of important mechanical parts

the thermoplastic process is adopted, with uniform and plump coating, soft and bright color, good insulation, weather resistance and durability, no maintenance, strong decoration and good protection

welding is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire, and then surface passivation and plasticization treatment such as cold plating (electroplating), hot plating, PVC coating, etc. The surface is flat, the eye is uniform, the welding joint is firm, and the local machining performance is good, stable, good weather resistance, and good corrosion resistance

electric welding is used in industry, agriculture, construction, transportation, mining and other industries. Such as machine protective covers, animal and livestock fences, flower and tree fences, window guards, passage fences, poultry cages, egg baskets, home office food baskets, paper baskets and decorative ones. It is mainly used for external walls of general buildings, pouring concrete, high-rise residential buildings, etc. it plays an important structural role in the thermal insulation system. During construction, the hot-dip galvanized electric welding frame polystyrene board is placed inside the external formwork of the external wall to be poured. The external thermal insulation board and the wall survive at one time. After the formwork is removed, the thermal insulation board and the wall are integrated

fence netting is also called protection. Due to regional differences, southerners are used to being called barriers, while northerners are used to being called guardrails. Guardrails in China are mainly divided into garden guardrails, railway guardrails, bridge guardrails, highway guardrails, sports fences, airport fences, etc. (they are widely used)

by type, it is divided into: frame guardrail, triangle bending guardrail, double side wire guardrail, double circle guardrail, wavy guardrail, stadium guardrail, blade thorn guardrail, thorn rope guardrail, PVC coated wire guardrail, etc. (types are diversified)

according to the material classification of guardrails: Iron guardrails, stone guardrails, PVC guardrails, wooden guardrails, cement guardrails, plastic steel guardrails, stainless steel iron guardrails, glass guardrails, etc

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