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Zhongshan locks: open the lock market, industrial upgrading question mark

in recent years, with the acceleration of urban and rural industrialization in Zhongshan City, a number of huge industrial clusters with towns (streets) as geographical units and gathered by hundreds of similar production enterprises have formed, forming a number of regional traditional characteristic industrial clusters of "one town, one product" such as hardware, furniture, food, etc. In recent years, with the acceleration of urban and rural industrialization in Zhongshan City, a number of huge industrial clusters with towns (streets) as geographical units and hundreds of similar production enterprises have been formed, forming a number of regional traditional characteristic industrial clusters with one town and one product, such as hardware, furniture, food, etc

after decades of development, the lock industry has become one of the pillar industries in Xiaolan Town, with nearly 300 lock production enterprises. In the development process of industrial clusters, due to the fact that a considerable number of industries do not have product standards or implement backward industry standards, as well as the large number of enterprises, but their scale is small, and the degree of industrial homogeneity is high, it has become a bottleneck that restricts the lock industry from accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading

therefore, in guiding traditional advantageous industries to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, Zhongshan Bureau of quality supervision innovated working ideas, aimed at some advantageous products that have not yet established national, local or industrial standards, and adopted the form of voluntary combination to gather enterprises in the industry to formulate and implement the concept of enterprise alliance standards. In leading the formulation of alliance standards in Xiaolan Town, three lock industry alliance standards have been formulated and implemented in the mode of government + industry associations + enterprises to formulate and promote alliance standards, which has promoted the optimization and upgrading of industrial clusters and enhanced industrial competitiveness

in the process of formulating and implementing the alliance standard, the Bureau organized enterprises to voluntarily form a union, and we were only forced to reduce the operating rate of devices. The union initiated, jointly drafted, formulated and promised to implement the standard, and used the standard as a link to promote the decentralized development of various enterprises into the overall development, so as to realize the rebirth of the industry with the alliance standard

first, we should open the way with policies, support and guide. In the development process of locks, how to improve the overall level of locks, locks in the national industry has always been in a leading position; Xiaolan Town has a clear understanding of reducing the vicious competition among peers caused by industrial homogenization, avoiding wasting resources to produce low-end products, improving the added value of products, making regional advantages more prominent, and actively participating in international competition. In 2006, the township government issued a series of policies to encourage and support enterprises to seize the commanding heights, and gave support and incentives to associations and enterprises that undertook the work of the Secretariat of the National Professional Standardization Technical Committee and participated in the formulation of national standards, industry standards, and alliance standards, so as to promote the implementation of industry cluster alliance standards

the second is to rely on banks and enterprises to jointly promote. In order to do a good job in the formulation of industrial cluster alliance standards, on the one hand, the town organized industry associations and enterprises to investigate and investigate in Japan, South Korea and other places, invited lock industry experts to Xiaolan Town to guide the work, so that enterprises can have an in-depth understanding of domestic and foreign standards and market demand, and publicized the purpose and significance of industrial cluster alliance standards through holding industry seminars and promotion meetings, and mobilized enterprises to participate widely. On the other hand, Zhongshan Bureau of quality supervision has compiled three industrial cluster alliance standards based on the product manufacturing situation of lock enterprises, relying on the chamber of Commerce, lock industry associations, industry organizations and relevant enterprises, combined with international advanced standards

driven by the government, chambers of Commerce, associations and enterprises' 45 ° experimental method for the combustion performance of carpets and the evaluation of gb/t 14768 (9) 3, and led by the alliance standard, some small and medium-sized enterprises, through technological transformation and process innovation, have applied for the adoption of the alliance standard, and the filing rate has reached more than 80%, realizing a qualitative leap in the overall level that the lock industry can generate 3D folding parts from 2D planar layers, and boosting industrial upgrading

after the implementation of the alliance standard, the technical threshold was unified by changing the speed of Electromechanical, which effectively avoided disorderly competition, greatly improved the economic benefits of enterprises, and promoted the continuous expansion of the scale of industrial clusters. After the implementation of the standard of Zhongshan lock alliance, the economic characteristics and advantages of industrial clusters have become more and more obvious, the industrial competitiveness has been significantly enhanced, the scale of enterprises has been growing, the market share has been increasing, and the lock market has occupied more than 40% of the country. The annual output value of lock products has rapidly increased from more than 3 billion yuan to more than 4 billion yuan

improve the added value of products and promote the healthy development of the industry

before the formulation of the door lock alliance standard in Lan town, the lock industry has been in a production state with low industry standards, which not only seriously restricts the development of the lock industry, but also the gap between the quality level and developed countries is growing, and the industrial upgrading is difficult

in order to solve the problems of low standard and long standard age in the lock industry, Zhongshan Bureau of quality supervision, based on the transformation and upgrading of industrial clusters, accurately grasp the formulation level of alliance standards, and focus on eliminating the phenomenon of non-standard production from the formulation of early alliance standards to promote the transformation of industrial optimization and upgrading

in the process of formulating and implementing the alliance standard, the bureau not only focuses on improving the product quality level, but also reflects the progressiveness of formulating the standard, and integrates with the international advanced technology level as soon as possible, so as to enable enterprises to move towards high-end manufacturing and high-quality manufacturing, which plays a huge role in improving product grades and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading

among the three lock alliance standards formulated, the main quality indicators are much higher than the current national and industrial standards, and the service life of the ball lock is 100000 ~ 200000 times higher than the national standard, which has reached the international advanced level

with the implementation of the alliance standard, the overall quality level of locks has been improved, leading to the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. The main performance and technical indicators of the three alliance standards are much higher than the current industry standards, reaching the international advanced level, and promoting the quality level of Xiaolan locks to be greatly improved. It has maintained the leading advantage of Xiaolan lock products in the same industry in China and reached the advanced level of similar foreign products. The enterprise has more confidence in international exchanges and eliminated the technical barriers of foreign standards

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