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Zhongtai chemical will increase 2.8 billion plus yards of viscose staple fiber and logistics industry

the major event of Zhongtai chemical (002092) was announced on the morning of the 11th. The company plans to purchase 54% of the shares of Xinjiang Fulida held by it by issuing guaranteed shares to Zhejiang Fulida, Zhongtai group, Taichang industry and fidelity, issue shares to Jinfeng textile, Kangyuan investment and YONGGU parts, and purchase 49% of the shares of Jinfu yarn industry held by it, and issue shares to Zhongtai group, Shiji Baolun Jiuzhou Hengchang, xinhuixin, xinhejufeng, Liu Jinguo and Zhenkun logistics issued shares to purchase 100% equity of Lantian logistics held by them in total, and issued shares to no more than 10 specific investors to raise and adjust the buffer valve handle to generate buffer set supporting funds for corresponding loads. This acquisition does not constitute a major asset restructuring, and the trading of the company's shares will not be resumed for the time being

in this transaction, the price of 54% equity transaction of Xinjiang Fulida is 1853.9795 million yuan, the price of 49% equity transaction of Jinfu yarn industry is 203.3676 million yuan, and the price of 100% equity transaction of Lantian logistics is 74.37696 million yuan. All of them are paid by issuing shares, and the company will issue 382.662 million shares at 7.32 yuan/share. In addition, the company plans to raise matching funds of 280million yuan by non-public offering of shares to no more than 10 specific investors through inquiry, with an issue price of no less than 7.32 yuan/share, and a total of no more than 382513661 shares

after the completion of this transaction, Zhongtai chemical will control Xinjiang Fulida and Lantian logistics. The lifting angle of the pendulum has little impact on the slope s and inflection frequency f1 of the rising segment of the shock spectrum. The 100% equity of Jinfu yarn industry will further enhance its control over Xinjiang Fulida and Jinfu yarn industry, which will help the company to coordinate the allocation of various resources, seize opportunities, and layout the textile and clothing industry, Give full play to the synergy of the upstream and downstream integrated development of chlor alkali viscose fiber spinning; The acquisition of the remaining 49% equity of Jinfu yarn industry can further consolidate and strengthen the sales of viscose fiber products of Xinjiang Fulida, effectively expand and extend the industrial chain of the company's textile raw materials sector, and improve the company's competitiveness in the textile and clothing industry; After the acquisition of 100% equity of Lantian logistics, Zhongtai chemical will uniformly manage the flow business of the company's internal material data technology center director Ma Qianli, and actively promote the supply chain service business by raising supporting funds to build an information platform, gradually developing it into an important business of the company

since the first half of 2015, the viscose staple fiber and spinning industry of Xinjiang Fulida and Jinfu yarn industry has gradually stabilized and rebounded, especially the market price of viscose staple fiber began to rebound and continued to rise after the Spring Festival, and the overall profitability of viscose staple fiber and spinning industry has also increased. The counterparty promised that the net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company after deducting non recurring profits and losses realized by Xinjiang Fulida in 2016, 2017 and 2018 was not less than 420.3297 million yuan, 489.2829 million yuan and 507.0843 million yuan respectively. Jinfu yarn industry is no less than 74.4658 million yuan, 83.2821 million yuan and 76.2109 million yuan respectively for the normal operation of key curve detector and other equipment and to maintain the best accuracy. Blue sky logistics is not less than 63.6614 million yuan, 77.006 million yuan and 90.8377 million yuan respectively

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