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Jinjiang food was introduced into Taiwan's "design think tank"

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core tip: Jinjiang food industry has built a world in the domestic and foreign markets with its strong industrial foundation, but it is relatively deficient in product packaging design. In order to break through the bottleneck, the Fujian Taiwan Food Fair in 2015 will introduce Taiwan Packaging Design Association to settle in and jointly set up an office with Jinjiang Food Association. According to industry analysis, with the help of Taiwan's "design think tank", Jinjiang food industry will usher in a round of "personality" upgrading

[China Packaging News] with its strong industrial foundation, Jinjiang food industry has built a world in the domestic and foreign markets, but on the contrary, it lacks in product packaging design. In order to break through the bottleneck, the Fujian Taiwan Food Fair in 2015 will introduce Taiwan Packaging Design Association to settle in and jointly set up an office with Jinjiang Food Association. According to the analysis of people in the industry, with the help of a think tank in Taiwan to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of advanced basic material industry, Jinjiang food industry will usher in a round of personality upgrading

Taiwan Design settled in Jinjiang

as a supporting activity for the 2015 Fujian Taiwan food fair, on July 16, the unveiling ceremony of the Jinjiang Office of Taiwan packaging design association was held in Hongshan Cultural Innovation Park, marking that Taiwan packaging design began to connect with Quanzhou enterprises

wangmaoquan, vice mayor of Jinjiang Municipal People's government, said at the unveiling ceremony that Taiwan's packaging design has experienced years of development and accumulation. Through the continuous integration of diversified creative and aesthetic elements, the products are not only full of profound Chinese cultural heritage, but also full of fashionable and trendy features, and have always enjoyed a high reputation in the world

with regard to the settlement of the association in Jinjiang, huangguozhou, chairman of Taiwan Packaging Design Association, said: it is precisely because of the broad space and prospects of Jinjiang food industry that Taiwan Packaging Design Association has set up an office in Jinjiang to study the Quanzhou market for a long time. Yanjunyu, general manager of Jinjiang Blue Magpie Packaging Co., Ltd. established by Taiwan Packaging Design Association, also told that the scale and potential of Jinjiang food market are larger than expected. The establishment of an office in Jinjiang is due to the fact that Taiwan Packaging Design Association is sensitive to marketing and keenly finds that Jinjiang has a broad packaging design market. The second reason is that Jinjiang has convenient transportation, including an airport and a bullet train station. It is very convenient to go to and from Kinmen and Taiwan

it is understood that Jinjiang Blue Magpie Packaging Co., Ltd. is jointly established by 9 Taiwan funded enterprises, including 6 food, tourism, hand gift, cultural and creative packaging design enterprises, 1 photography enterprise, 1 marketing planning enterprise and 1 ceramics enterprise. At present, there are 9 members in Jinjiang team, mainly providing cultural and creative course enterprises, cultural and creative education promotion, cultural and creative exhibition planning, cultural and creative promotion lectures, project design services, project creative integration, cultural and creative activity enterprises, cultural and creative brand publishing and other services

reduce trial and error costs

at the Jinjiang Office of Taiwan Packaging Design Association, yanjunyu showed the tea packaging, cup and other category packaging produced by Taiwan Packaging Design Association

yanjunyu introduced that proper packaging design can reduce enterprise costs. For example, a water cup made of tinplate material can be customized quickly and in small quantities by using transfer technology with a value of more than 40%. There is no corporate logo printed on this water cup. For start-up brand enterprises, they do not know how the market acceptance is. If the cost of mass production using traditional technology is too high, and using transfer technology is similar to the sticker to transfer the corporate logo to the cup, the enterprise cost can be reduced. Yanjunyu said that, for example, the traditional customized brand cups need to be typeset and made, and the cost is about 45000. For mass production, the cost is 120000. The risk is relatively high. Using transfer technology, at least 112 cups can be mass produced. Transfer stickers with A4 size need 200 pieces, the cost is about 1600 yuan, and the price of cups is about 3000 yuan. In this way, mass brand customization can be realized in less than 5000 yuan

yanjunyu also introduced the paper weaving technology developed in Taiwan. Paper weaving is made of paper, which is similar to bamboo weaving. Paper weaving has been researched and developed in Taiwan for more than 10 years. Before, it was mostly used in household products, and only in recent years was it used in the packaging industry. There is still a certain threshold for the mainland to copy this technology, and it is not easy to copy it. Yanjunyu said that a Chaozhou enterprise valued our technology and reached cooperation with us to carry out cooperative production with Taiwan paper. At present, some tea packaging enterprises have purchased tea warehouses woven with paper. Tea can be stored in the tea warehouses. After drinking tea, it can also be used as a storage box. Through appropriate packaging design, packaging will not become a burden on society. Yanjunyu said

in this regard, huangguozhou pointed out that packaging is a big selling point in the food industry, because consumers in the food industry do not just buy the contents, but include the overall packaging. Some good-looking designs are not easy to use. They are far away from consumers and are difficult to be recognized by consumers

play the role of complementary advantages

cross strait cooperation plays the role of complementary advantages. Huangguozhou told us that Taiwan's packaging design has a strong localism. It carries out product packaging design according to Taiwan's local characteristics and creates commodity profits by excavating product characteristics. Different from ordinary commodity packaging, the packaging design under regionalism cannot be used by others, resulting in differentiation and uniqueness

nowadays, many packaging designs are highly homogeneous. For example, last year, Jinjiang food industry had the most spokesmen, and this year it had the most animation marketing. When all enterprises were doing the same thing, they became homogeneous and could not highlight the characteristics of the industry and each company. Huangguozhou said that in the design and planning of packaging in Taiwan, it is necessary to study the behavior, habits and consumption attributes of the market and consumers for a long time. The product packaging designed in this way is highly accepted by consumers

yanjunyu believes that the packaging design of Jinjiang products is mostly photo oriented design, that is, to directly display the appearance of the products in the packaging design. Such a packaging design method is inappropriate in product marketing, which will lead to low commodity recognition. However, Taiwan's packaging design is brand oriented, and the brand is built through color, cartoon image and other elements

it is understood that the current control mode in Taiwan: m: microcomputer control c: computer fully automatic control power system: a: Taiwan professional AC motor s: Panasonic exchange servo motor speed control in Japan: 5 ⑴ 00mm/min sectional control packaging design association has redesigned the packaging for Nan'an jinhaisheng tea. Yanjunyu told: at the beginning, we used 100% Taiwan packaging design concept to design jinhaisheng. Because there are few big gift boxes in Taiwan, jinhaisheng's tea packaging box design is also simple, elegant and small, mainly highlighting branding. However, jinhaisheng believes that tea is a favorite gift of Minnan people, and the packaging box is small and stingy. Finally, we integrated Taiwan packaging design concept and the traditional consumption habits of Minnan, Make the gift box bigger. It is also learned from the relevant person in charge of Jinjiang qiaoma Food Co., Ltd. that qiaoma has already established a cooperative relationship with Taiwan Packaging Design Association to apply Taiwan packaging design concept to product packaging

caijinlong, chairman of Pan Pan food, said in an interview that the responsibility of Taiwan's small panel control system is to make the equipment work efficiently and come down in the same vein with our cross-strait culture, and there are similarities in the sense, color and cultural values of the design. Taiwan has done a good job in the overall packaging design and product identification system, which is worth learning from. This time, Taiwan's packaging design association settled in Jinjiang. I believe that the office in Jinjiang will promote both sides in the actual operation in the future. In addition, he also said that in recent years, pan pan has also created its own characteristic packaging through communication with the Taiwan design team

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