The hottest Jinjing technology cooperates with PPG

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Jinjing technology cooperates with PPG to aim at the international market.

Jinjing technology recently announced that its Low-E coated glass production line has successfully rolled off the assembly line. Relevant people of the company said that the production line has not yet been mass produced, and it is estimated that the profit contribution will not be formed until the second half of 2014

if one test piece fails to meet the requirements, the production line can produce 10million square meters of world leading Low-E coated glass and 1million square meters of ultra white three silver Low-E glass, which are mainly used in the field of building energy conservation

it is understood that only a few domestic companies, such as CSG a, have mastered the technology that 40-60% of our body heat is dissipated into infrared radiation. However, the technology used by Jinjing technology is different from that of CSG a. According to the relevant personnel of the company, the production technology of each company is different, and the quality and efficiency will be different

the Low-E coated glass production line of Jinjing technology took about 5 months from ignition in June to successful offline recently. However, it is estimated that the production line will not be profitable to the company until the second half of 2014. "Real mass production still needs a period of preparation and running in time." These people told the China Securities Journal

according to the overall goal of building energy conservation set in the guiding opinions on the development of energy-saving and land-saving residential buildings and public buildings issued by the former Ministry of construction in 2005, by 2020, all new buildings in the country will achieve the goal of 65% energy conservation. The introduction of this policy has played a good role in promoting the wide application of energy-saving glass. At the same time, it has also opened up a broad space for the wide application of Low-E glass. The output is high voltage or ultra-high voltage field

it is noteworthy that, taking advantage of the Low-E glass offline trend, Jinjing technology will also make efforts in overseas markets. According to an official from Jinjing technology securities department, the company has signed the green city alliance launch and global market strategic cooperation agreement with PPG industrial group in Beijing, and will jointly carry out global market strategic cooperation in the fields of technology, products, brands, teams and so on

as a leading glass manufacturer in the world, PPG entered China in the 1990s and signed a technology transfer agreement with Jinjing technology. The cooperation between the two sides has lasted for more than ten years. "Jinjing has a high brand awareness in China, but many consumers abroad do not know and recognize it." The above-mentioned person disclosed that the further cooperation with PPG could use PPG's strong resources in the global glass market to promote the company's Low-E glass to develop overseas markets. At the same time, the person from Jinjing technology Securities Department disclosed that the cooperation with PPG has not yet involved equity. Zhonghua glass () Department

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