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now let's introduce Jining lighting manufacturers_ Sincere service, don't be too verbose! Lighting manufacturer_ To serve the landscape lighting design sincerely, when selecting LED lamps, in addition to paying attention to the characteristics of products such as lamp life, light color and energy saving, we should also consider the brand of lamps, product shape, after-sales service and other key points, which is also extremely important in the process of landscape lighting design. When applied to landscape lighting to confirm the position of the movable beam, LED lamps and lanterns can be beautified during the day and artistic lighting at night after landscape design lighting. In the whole landscape lighting design, the generous case can be represented by high brightness lights, and the strong directional light can give a good three-dimensional sense and texture of the building

lighting manufacturer_ The shape of Zhicheng service tower is extremely rich, and the materials are diverse. For the lighting of the tower, the following points should be mastered: ① lighting should shape the integrity of the tower. ② The lighting setting of each part of the tower should consider the needs of enjoyment. ③ The lighting method should coordinate with the structural style and materials of the tower. The configuration of the ancient pagoda landscape lighting in terms of brightness, light tone, light can withstand the explosion projection direction of the TV screen, etc., should aim at human visual comfort. It makes the main tower fully illuminated with good effect. The floodlight can be used to illuminate the tower base from top to bottom, so that the lighting effect of the high tower is like a giant standing on the ground. The lighting scenes of garden roads are different, and the attention points of landscape lighting design are different. Garden roads, like the vein of gardens, lead visitors to various scenic spots from the entrance. 2. Complete construction material list, labor work type list, tool list, etc. are made according to the maintenance quantity of lighting engineering, creating an excellent imitation basis for smooth construction practice. 3. Material classification: list and classify the name, model, specification and quantity of lighting equipment required for lighting engineering maintenance one by one, and indicate the purpose. The required materials must guarantee the acceptance standard. Assuming that the construction period is tight, the materials may be in place in one step to save time. 4. Implement the construction schedule of lighting maintenance. According to the maintenance period of the lighting project, the schedule adopts biological materials, 1-liter Tetra Pak aseptic packaging with 30mm lightweight cover, and has sold the workload and work content of the lighting project maintenance project to the world, as well as when the project is completed. Through scientific and effective arrangements, the project can be appropriately allocated and mobilized human, material and financial resources, and the construction responsibilities can be accepted on schedule, The schedule shall also be formulated by imitating the construction process and the intersection boundary of work in construction

Jining lighting manufacturer_ Sincere service: the air drying system must be selected for building 1 to achieve the appropriate illumination level of the body lighting project, and the spatial illumination distribution shall be performed according to different users and different functional areas. When people perform different jobs or engage in different activities, they need the same illuminance to meet different visual work needs due to the contradiction of objects or purposes. Not only that, the change of illumination will also affect people's visual function and then affect people's mood. Therefore, whether the illumination level is appropriate or not depends on the building function and human behavior performance, which should be treated differently. Lighting manufacturer_ Sincere service 2. The uniform illumination layout of the building lighting project jumps too much, which will cause visual fatigue due to passivity. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a uniform illumination environment

road is one of the most important and fundamental measures of the city. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the society, in addition to the functional lighting of the driving part of the road, the green belts and buildings on both sides of the road should also be illuminated. Therefore, the decorative function of the road lighting and smoothing project is gradually emphasized. Road lighting works not only play an important role in ensuring traffic safety and maintaining social order, but also beautify and brighten the city appearance and decorate the urban night scene environment. In terms of large areas, each city has its own style, which is quite the lighting of squares and primary and secondary trunk roads. In small areas, each street and building has its own style

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