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Jinhu tire enjoyed the VIP guarantee policy within one year of launching new products

recently, the 2012 new product launch conference of Jinhu tire and the regional distributor conference ended in Guangzhou. More than 120 people from Jinhu tire retail stores participated in the conference. Jinhu tire also announced that it will launch ultra luxury products this year, including the sports car tire ku39 made of metal and non-metal materials and the comfortable urban SUV tire kl33, which have won the bid for the project since October 2018

ecsta ku39 ultra high performance luxury sports tire is the highest grade series of car tires in Jinhu at present. The driving speed can reach up to 300 km, which can maximize the stability during high-speed driving. It is suitable for high-grade luxury cars pursuing ultra-high sports performance and handling performance and car owners keen on vehicle modification. City venture kl33 is a comfortable off-road tyre until the polygonal aperture ring can just fill the field of vision. In addition to the previously listed car tire ku28 and all road SUV tire kl61, Jinhu tire has built four high-end product lines of "sports + comfort" and "Car + SUV"

users who have recently purchased four high-end products of Jinhu tires will enjoy the "VIP guarantee policy": within one year, the after-sales guarantee service of free replacement of tires can be provided when the tires are punctured by nails, scratched, or bumped when the tire wear is not more than 50%. Consumers can enjoy this VIP service at any designated store of Jinhu

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