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Today, we come to Jiangyan store of shuangyumumen to understand the different business stories brought by Jiangyan store

in Shuangyu, there are many excellent dealers and teams, who are active on the market stage with their excellent performance and professional services. Today, we came to Jiangyan store of shuangyumumen to understand the different business stories this store brings us

Zhu Wei, the head of Shuangyu Mumen Jiangyan store, made an accidental connection with Shuangyu and valued Shuangyu's high cost performance, product design ability, output level, as well as the prospects and profitability of the industry. Officially joined Shuangyu in 2016, and has actively deployed the local market since joining Shuangyu

first lay out the brand, then do a good job in marketing. The first thing to settle in Jiangyan is to establish a professional management, sales and after-sales team, strengthen the construction of exclusive stores, and carefully design the layout from various details to the overall layout, from the details of the store to the collocation and coordination of the overall space! At the same time, multiple channels should be developed simultaneously to improve the popularity of the brand in the local area, provide good services and enhance the brand reputation

store environment

clean and tidy store image, product selection with complete style categories

enter the store, from the entrance to the reception area, and then to the store product display area, every area is clean and tidy! The environment of a store is the state of a store. A good environment shows the style of the whole store, and reflects the meticulous working attitude of the team and the ability to serve customers

analyze the market rationally - understand consumer demands

before joining Shuangyu, we made a careful investigation on Jiangyan market, understood consumer demand, found the market entry point, and matched the market demand with professional products and services

"it can be said that in Jiangyan area, what are the types of houses in each community, and what is the general style and spatial pattern? We should understand the general consumer needs of customers at the beginning, so that when customers enter the store, we can roughly understand the consumer demands, so as to respond to needs faster and improve service efficiency."

Shuangyu wooden door Jiangyan store service team

shape brand image - strengthen customer cognition

wholeheartedly, do a good job in Shuangyu a brand, which is what Jiangyan Zhuwei has always insisted on. Shuangyu wooden door Jiangyan store has a complete product structure, complete styles, diverse styles, wooden door + light package diversified display, and almost all the products customers want can be found here

Zhu Wei, the person in charge with a generous temperament, is exceptionally attentive in the face of customer needs. When encountering thorny problems, Zhu always comes to serve customers and solve problems in person, which is deeply loved by Jiangyan owners. "It can be said that now in Jiangyan, when it comes to wooden doors, the first thing you think of is our Shuangyu,"

store head Zhu Wei

building a core service team - strengthening the construction of service system

talking about his own team, He said, "from the beginning, we have been committed to building a young service team, paying attention to the reserve and training of talents, strengthening the professional skills training of the team, and improving our service response ability, so that we can do well in routine services and spare no effort to increase the added value of services."

shuangyumumen Jiangyan store has won the Jiangyan home decoration market with excellent quality and reputation. It is famous locally with perfect after-sales service and has achieved a bumper harvest of performance and reputation




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