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Now the peak decoration season is about to begin. Friends who need decoration must pay more attention to the Feng Shui problem of the bathroom space. Water and fire are incompatible: many Feng Shui schools believe that the bathroom should not be located in the south of the house. In fact, this is also related to the location of the eight trigrams. The south is the separation trigram, and the five elements belong to fire, while the bathroom belongs to water. Setting the bathroom belonging to water in the south of fire is the bathroom restraining the fire, such as the eight character Chong Ke of the same person is too old, so it is also unlucky. Toilet with acne: according to the principle of traditional Chinese "family economics", the direction of the toilet cannot be the same as that of the condominium. For example, the direction of the door of the condominium faces south. When people sit on the toilet, if their face also faces south, they will violate the taboo of the same direction of the toilet and the condominium. It is said that it is easy to cause acne in the family. Of course, I did not carefully investigate the situation of acne in the actual survey, But if you can avoid it, you can avoid it. Direct toilet: if there is a long corridor in your house, you should pay attention to the relationship between the corridor and the bathroom. The bathroom should only be set at the edge of the corridor, not at the end of the corridor. This is a kind of indoor "Lu Chong Sha". Being directly rushed by the corridor in the bathroom is a sign of great evil, which is extremely harmful to the health of your family. Closed bathroom: the bathroom of some residences is completely closed, with no windows, only exhaust fans, and the exhaust fans are not often opened. According to the view of "Genealogy", there must be windows in the bathroom. It is better to have sufficient sunshine and air circulation. The reason is very simple, so that the turbid gas in the bathroom can be easily discharged and the air can be kept fresh. If it is completely closed and lacks ventilation equipment, it is definitely detrimental to the health of the family. Using some air fresheners will only change the taste of the air and will not improve the quality of the air

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