New Chinese style model room, customized furniture

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The introverted Chinese culture is actually very suitable for people who want to live a peaceful and happy life. The new Chinese style decoration is also very good. This set of new Chinese style model room, the introverted Chinese culture, is actually very suitable for those who want to live a long and peaceful life. The new Chinese style decoration is also very good. This new Chinese style model room has customized furniture for the whole house, and each piece is so appropriate

living room

the overall color of the furniture is green dragon wood color with the decor of pink gray oak door panel, revealing a touch of gentleman in elegance. Geometric lamps, tables and chairs with simple shapes, and hollow out balcony doors all outline the hierarchical beauty of Chinese furniture with a clean sense of lines. The TV cabinet's suction surface adopts the pattern of circular pattern, which is matched with the bronze round handle, which is antique


the tables and chairs in the restaurant continue to use the green dragon wood color, and the shape of the chairs is richer and smoother, showing a sense of stability and more fashionable and simple. The dining side cabinet with multiple storage combinations can place tea, cups and other objects. In addition, there is a special red wine lattice, which is convenient and practical. The table and the side cabinet are decorated with branches, flowers and other decorations, which present a quiet Zen space through Chinese decorations

master bedroom

the waist line design of the blue dragon wooden door panel of the wardrobe is matched with the bed and bedside table of the Danqing Linglong series to create a deep tone. The large ink paintings on the wall are quiet and elegant, but they also show the cutting-edge Chinese style. In such a bedroom, what you can feel most is the faint elegance ~

secondary bedroom

the wall of the bookcase can save more space, and most of the combination cabinet doors use pink gray oak door panel colors, which also adds a bit of fashion and vitality to the bedroom. The wardrobe door adopts green branches and flower waist line, which is matched with the landscape map on the wall, which not only shows the natural interest of the new Chinese style, but also shows a unique charm for the overall space of the bedroom

children's room

the colorful children's room is like a lovely child at home, adding more luster and warmth to the Chinese style home. Interesting and lively wallpaper, blue and yellow wardrobe, door waist line, brightly colored carpets, and various lovely toys in the room, this is really a happy paradise for children


the contoured pattern on the surface of the kitchen cabinet and the floor tiles with geometric patterns are the essence of traditional Chinese style and the collision of modern trend culture, which makes people bright. The locker on the wall can make more rational and effective use of space, and make the kitchen orderly "settle down" with piles of messy items


the overall feeling of the bathroom is clean, comfortable, elegant and introverted. The simple "black and white matching" tone makes the functional zoning of the bathroom more clear. The shower area and toilet area adopt the consistent simple and bright colors, which make people clear at a glance. The brown gray lattice tiles in the lavatory area and the marble wash table complement each other





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