Margo's whole house is cold, light and luxurious.

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Marge's case comes from Chengdu, Sichuan Province. The male host is an advertising PR, and his wife is a fashion editor. Their daughter is 6 years old and is in primary school

mag's case comes from Chengdu, Sichuan Province. The male owner is an advertising PR, and his wife is a fashion editor. Their daughter is 6 years old and is in primary school. Their customized budget in the whole house is 150000, and they hope to adopt modern European decoration style. What is the decoration effect of their home? See the following for the final results ~

project introduction

address: COFCO Hongyun, Chengdu, Sichuan

house type: four bedrooms and two halls 137 ㎡

style: Modern European style

products: Ode to joy (film pressure warm white)

budget: 150000 yuan

house type analysis

lighting: sufficient lighting in all spaces

moving line: dynamic and static spaces are relatively independent

ventilation: the overall ventilation of the house type is good

functionality: the overall house type is square, The activity area is open and the layout is reasonable, which can well meet the daily functional needs. The overall space is open, but the kitchen is small

design description

mag's space in this case is based on black and white gray, supplemented by the earth color system, and decorated with precious blue and yellow. The space shows a trace of vividness in low-key luxury, and a small amount of metal elements improve the sense of space quality and reflect the sense of light and luxurious space


the porch is connected with the guest restaurant. A large shoe cabinet is practical and meets the unity with the overall space. It has the functions of putting shoes, hanging clothes and hats, and storing small objects. The mirror design not only extends the space, but also facilitates the owner to go out and tidy up his clothes. Gray and white imitation stone bricks increase the sense of fashion

guest restaurant

the living room is connected with the restaurant, weakening the traditional European luxury, and focusing on the European delicacy and modern sense. The stone countertop with metal coffee table, coupled with black-and-white geometric pattern carpet, reflects the sense of quality of light luxury. The use of stainless steel lines on the wall is exquisite everywhere

living room

sofa background wall leather hard bag is combined with the dado board, which echoes with the TV background wall. It is matched with stainless steel chandelier and black horse head table lamp, and the jumping of royal blue and bright yellow lights up the whole space. The audio-visual cabinet is an upper and lower cabinet, which is divided into common and uncommon. The items are summarized in an orderly manner and are not messy. The appearance is integrated with the shape of the TV wall


the restaurant echoes the whole room, using black-and-white gray tones. Large zebra hanging pictures also echo zebra dining chairs. The design functions of the restaurant wine cabinet are relatively comprehensive, including red wine placement, bowl and plate storage, and large pieces storage, which are met one by one. The open design improves the quality of the space and makes it convenient to take


the study bookcase is designed symmetrically, the vertical cabinets on both sides are closed with side hung doors, and the whole frame mirror glass door is used in the middle. In addition to expanding the space, it is also decorative, and the storage items are exposed and hidden, so that the items can be displayed in a more hierarchical manner

master bedroom

the master bedroom adopts leather hard bag background and stainless steel arc line modeling to break the straight edge lines of the space. The simple European fabric texture bed is matched with dark blue and gold throw pillows. The mirror is used to expand the space and appears transparent and bright, making the space fashionable, with texture and warmth at the same time

the glass door design of the wardrobe in the master bedroom breaks the rigid feeling of the wardrobe and increases the permeability. Because the bedroom has a cloakroom, the wardrobe in the master bedroom is mainly used for the storage of commonly used clothes

children's room

children's room boldly uses the color matching of dark gray white check and cherry blossom powder, which reflects that girls not only have the dream of being soft and childlike, but also have the inner fashionable personality from time to time

the children's room is designed to be customized as a whole, integrating learning, rest and storage. The wardrobe meets the storage of clothes, books and toys, and increases children's activity space. The rest area and learning area are clearly divided

the wardrobe on the tatami has a flat open door design, the door is closed smoothly and neatly, the door is opened to meet multiple storage, and the internal stacking space is increased to cultivate children's independent finishing ability

guest bedroom

the space of guest bedroom is relatively small. Due to the insufficient storage space in the master bedroom, the guest bedroom has the function of cloakroom, and the finished sofa bed can solve the problem of temporary accommodation

make full use of the corner space to design the cloakroom. In order to meet the use of family members, a variety of storage methods are designed, such as hanging area, folding area, lattice pumping, lattice box, etc

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