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In the home, the geomantic omen of kitchen and bathroom has a significant impact on the fortune of the home, so we should pay attention to geomantic omen when decorating; So what are the highlights of Feng Shui in kitchen and bathroom decoration? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

kitchen and bathroom decoration Feng Shui

kitchen decoration Feng Shui

I. kitchen location orientation:

first of all, kitchen decoration Feng Shui, the location should be selected. According to the theory that the five elements generate and neutralize each other, the East belongs to wood and the South belongs to fire, so the stove should be oriented towards the fire prosperous direction in the south. In fact, the stove facing east or south is very consistent with the five element orientation. Because the fuel used for cooking in ancient times was nothing more than wild grass and firewood branches, when cooking, the stove mouth facing east can match the wind direction and make a fire easily. It also needs to be noted that the stove should be seated to Ji. Located in Jifang, Feng Shui is good, and located in Fufang, the diet health of the home is affected, and the possibility of harmful diseases will also lead to restlessness in the home

second, taboo open kitchen:

when we are considering kitchen decoration Feng Shui, we should do a good job in the layout, and the built-in decoration should not be sloppy. Now many people like to make open kitchen. Although this design is beautiful, it is not suitable for Chinese cooking. Chinese cooking fumes are large, and the open kitchen pays attention to the smell of smoke. The fumes are strung around the house, and the turbidity is floating everywhere, affecting the Feng Shui aura

third, the stove is not the right sink:

the kitchen is a place that often needs water and fire. In the book of changes in China, there was the so-called "water and fire are both economic", which means that water and fire are necessary for diet. With the conditioning of fire and water, we can achieve the goal of Yin-Yang harmony. Therefore, to achieve the harmony of yin and Yang, the family can be smoothly transported and the population can be peaceful. Because the stove is a fire, it is most forbidden to be shot by the water tap, so we should pay attention to the feng shui of kitchen decoration when decorating, and remember that the stove should not be opposite to the sink. Otherwise, it is easy for family members to catch dysentery and gastrointestinal diseases

IV. the kitchen cannot lack corners:

there are 6 pages in total. The first page is 123456. On the next page, the kitchen space is small, so much attention should be paid to building. Compared with other parts of the house, there will be a lot of water flowing away in the process of using the kitchen, and water is a symbol of wealth and wealth. Therefore, it has certain defects of "congenital deficiency". Therefore, it needs to work hard on Feng Shui. The first requirement for the kitchen is the pattern. It can be small, but the pattern should be square, and it is not suitable to be a kitchen without corners

v. don't expose the stove:

when decorating the kitchen, we should also pay attention to zoning, and the cleanliness should be better. Because the kitchen is small, and it also has to accommodate pots and bowls, the location is often crowded, so we must do a good job in storing food after cooking. The kitchen has poor moving line and long-term space pressure, which will make people nervous and anxious. Some seasoning agents and bottles should be stored well, not all of them should be placed on the console. Some residents will put the knife rest on the wall for convenience, which is convenient, but there is a lack of collision taboo. The knife is sharp and should not be exposed. First, persecute Feng Shui, and second, if there are children at home, it will be a safety hazard

VI. the kitchen is not the toilet:

the kitchen belongs to fire, and it can't be opposite between the bathroom and the bedroom. The bathroom belongs to water, and two are relative. Water and fire are incompatible, and the house is restless. The bedroom needs to be quiet and pleasant, and cooking will produce a lot of oil smoke. For example, the two two are relative, and the oil smoke is strong, which is easy to make the residents dizzy and irritable. It will lead to poor sleep quality. Therefore, such a layout should also be avoided

VII. The ground is not higher than the living room:

the ground of the kitchen cannot be higher than the living room, which is also what the kitchen decoration Feng Shui needs to pay attention to. The ground of the kitchen must be a little shorter, which can prevent sewage backflow on the one hand. Secondly, due to the difference between primary and secondary, the kitchen should not be above the hall and room. Once again, when serving food from the kitchen into the hall, it should be promoted step by step, otherwise there is a risk of returning money. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy diet for your family and thrive in Feng Shui, you must design it at the time of decoration. Pay attention to the height of the ground

VIII. The kitchen is not in the center of the house:

it cannot be in the center of the whole room. According to Feng Shui, the center of the house is the "hole eye", which is the auspicious position. It is the core area of the whole house. Anger slowly spreads from here to the whole room. Therefore, it must be quiet and peaceful here. Nothing should oppress or provoke the Qi here. The kitchen is a fire, which produces turbidity. It is best to start around the room with a window, It can ensure air circulation. (Feng Shui

toilet decoration Feng Shui pays attention to

principle 1: the number of toilets cannot be more than the number of bedrooms

there are six pages in total. The first page is 123456. The next page is not only that. The concept of modern housing has been different from that in the past. In the past, it emphasized that the bedroom should be large, but now it is a small bedroom, a large living room, and even David's living room (bathroom). In this way, it is also easy to violate the traditional principles of geophysics. For example, some developers cater to the needs of some tycoons and elites and deliberately make the bathroom space very large. How big is it? In the luxury houses surveyed by Mr. Yize for high-end elites, some toilets are surprisingly large: a toilet can be as large as nearly 100 square meters. There are all kinds of equipment in the bathroom, including surfing, sauna, shower, pumping, vibration, drying, infrared, etc

however, teacher Yize always feels very ridiculous and very regrettable about this, because after spending so much effort, energy and money, these house owners are constantly unlucky and good things no longer happen. Why

principle 2: the bathroom area cannot be larger than the bedroom area

there is another common problem, which is basically the same in China from south to north; However, Teacher Yi Ze seldom found this phenomenon abroad: there are paper baskets in the bathroom. This wastebasket is not for waste paper, but for dirty toilet paper after defecation or sanitary napkins used by women. This is a serious violation of the Chinese traditional rationalistic principles, which will not only cause pollution, but also emit odor, leading to local environmental pollution

it is difficult for many friends who are beginning to learn Feng Shui to understand this. Think our ancestors did this in the past. This is a misunderstanding! Yi Ze believes that our ancestors certainly didn't put these dirty papers with something similar to a wastebasket. After textual research, it has been proved that the ancestors used grass to solve the problem of wiping their buttocks in the era of no toilet paper. The key is that these used grass are not put in containers, but thrown in the pit or toilet

principle 3: set the wastebasket carefully in the bathroom

maybe some friends say, will the toilet be blocked? Of course not, as long as you don't throw away women's supplies casually, the toilet paper you usually use can be flushed by the toilet. Some friends also asked: is it OK to use a covered wastebasket? It may be better, but there is still a problem

maybe Westerners are big, so people's toilets are also oversized. In proportion, their sewer pipes are also large. Not to mention that ordinary paper rushes down without obstacles, even women's supplies are unimpeded. Are you surprised? Of course, in some families and hotels, there are special bags for sanitary napkins, which are quite sealed after loading. In this sense, Yi Ze believes that they are still doing in line with the principles of metaphysics

there are 6 pages in total. Page 1: 123456 page 2: any house, whether you live or work, should pay attention to the problem of water and toilet. Today, Teacher Yi Ze felt it and reminded his friends again. If you want to decorate and transform your house or office, you must pay attention to the location, size and quantity of toilets. The bathroom can't be facing the bed, and of course it can't be facing your employee's desk, otherwise, the luck will be very bad, resulting in contradictions between families or employees. Emotional and financial damage. Recommended reading: Feng Shui taboo in home decoration

stress on Feng Shui in kitchen and bathroom decoration

first, Feng Shui in kitchen and bathroom - kitchen

because it is a place for cooking, it is a fire in the home, and to a large extent represents the status of the hostess. But many modern urban women will eat three meals a day outside, and there is no kitchen at home. Such a housing pattern will greatly damage your own luck and fortune

of course, it's not just that there is a kitchen at home. If women are afraid of oil smoke and trouble, they don't use it. It's like giving up the right of your hostess, which is very easy to attract a third party. Therefore, you must always use the kitchen, even if you simply cook a meal once, it will consolidate your hostess status. And psychologically, if you often cook some red food by yourself, it will also enhance the relationship between husband and wife

second, kitchen and bathroom feng shui problems - bathroom

relative to the kitchen, the bathroom is the water floor of the home and the place where dirt is excreted. Therefore, this place is also the easiest place to hide dirt

therefore, it is better to set the bathroom in the discouraged position of the home, so that the pollution can be discharged well. If it is placed above the wealth position in the family, then the owner is afraid that it will be difficult to keep the wealth, and if the wealth is infected, it will also lead to legal disputes

III. why can't water and fire be allowed in the kitchen and bathroom

the kitchen is mainly a place for cooking, so fire is often used. In Feng Shui, it is also a place full of dry fire. However, there is more water in the bathroom, and the energy of water is relatively sufficient, so the gas of Yin erosion is heavier. These two rooms are adjacent, which is equivalent to the confrontation between the energy body of Yang and the energy body of Yin

in the Feng Shui problem of kitchen and bathroom decoration, if the kitchen door is opposite to the bathroom door, it will lead to the direct conflict between water and fire. From the perspective of yin and Yang, water and fire represent the male and female masters of the family. Such a battle between water and fire will only lead to the breakdown of the relationship between husband and wife

from the perspective of hygiene, there is too much dirt in the bathroom, many germs can be spread to the kitchen through the air, and the food will be polluted, seriously affecting the health of the family

IV. how to solve the problem of kitchen and bathroom feng shui

there are 6 pages in total. The first page is 123456. If you want to dissolve it, you can put three pots of green plants between the kitchen and the bathroom. In this way, a favorable situation can be formed in which water generates wood and wood generates fire. But for the sake of food hygiene, we should also ensure that the bathroom is clean and tidy, and we should often close the door

the bathroom should not be set in the south of the house. The South belongs to fire. The bathroom is water. Water entering the fire is like hitting LiuNian Taisui, which is unlucky

moreover, the bathroom cannot be set in the center of the house. Now some fashionable people like to set the bathtub in the middle of the living room to highlight the romantic characteristics, but from the perspective of Feng Shui, this is extremely inappropriate

first, the center belongs to soil, while the bathroom belongs to water. If water sets land, the problem of soil restricting water will occur

second, the bathroom is located in the center of the house, and the water supply needs to pass through other rooms, which is very difficult to maintain. If the sewage pipe also passes through other rooms, it will be more annoying

there are 6 pages in total. The first page is 123456. The next page is

as the saying goes: one life, two fortunes, three Feng Shui, Feng Shui is right




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