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In recent years, the famous craftsman of bangyuan has taken a differentiated route in the layout of marketing channels, built a three-dimensional and multi-dimensional composite system based on advantageous channels, and realized the seamless connection between online and offline all media three-dimensional and multi-dimensional promotion and cross channel sales

in the current era of escalating consumption, users pay more attention to the embodiment of service and personalization, and pure hardbound houses are difficult to meet the requirements of consumers. Customized furniture with changeable styles and customized furniture for the whole house solve the problem of single choice for consumers. The combination of the two makes the real estate move towards the era of customization, which can already spark a new spark and ignite the next consumption explosion

in recent years, bangyuan famous craftsman has taken a differentiated route in the layout of marketing channels, based on advantageous channels, built a three-dimensional and multi-dimensional composite system, and realized the seamless connection of online and offline all media three-dimensional and multi-dimensional promotion and cross channel sales. In terms of channel innovation, bangyuan famous craftsman not only realizes national strategic cooperation with Vanke, country garden, Evergrande, R & F, Greenland, but also cooperates with state-owned enterprise groups

partners carry out offline activities

on the basis of ensuring all the advantages of traditional hardbound houses, the famous craftsman of bangyuan and the real estate company make the hardbound houses show the personalized characteristics of owners through the active participation and self-help selection of owners, so that the traditional hardbound houses are also flexible. As soon as the product was launched, it received the attention and response of real estate developers across the country. More real estate enterprises said: simple bag check-in can no longer meet the current consumer demand, and " Hardbound custom furniture " It is a change about home life, and this change is bound to bring more comfortable, fashionable and human quality life to owners

market leading " Hardcover customization "e; As the times require,

hardbound houses are not unfamiliar to everyone, and they have a certain awareness in the market. The benefits of hardbound rooms are obvious, which can not only avoid the environmental and noise impact caused by decoration, but also save the trouble of decoration, so you can carry your bag and check in. However, at present, the hardbound houses in the market also have some disadvantages, such as insufficient personalization and difficult guarantee of after-sales problems, which lead to some owners being dissatisfied with the quality of decoration after purchase and demolishing the hardbound houses for redecoration, which is a waste of resources, manpower and material resources

as "e; Top ten brands of China's overall wardrobe "e; Famous craftsman of bangyuan "e; Hardcover customization "e; It is in this market environment that came into being. The famous craftsman of bangyuan joined hands with real estate enterprises such as Vanke, country garden, Evergrande, R & F, Greenland, etc. to customize the hardbound scheme according to the owner characteristics of each real estate community, and provide consumers with a more comfortable life with more exquisite quality and more considerate services

resource integration " Innovation mode "e; Like a fish in water

bangyuan famous craftsman's bag check-in relies on the strong resource integration ability of bangyuan famous craftsman itself, and also relies on the online and offline platform of bangyuan famous craftsman. In addition, bangyuan famous craftsman has a strong design team, which is the key to success. Bangyuan famous craftsman has a team of excellent designers. In the project design for real estate developers, each house type will design 2-4 different styles; Each style has 2-3 different standards; There are 2-3 choices for the same style and standard main materials. These designs and choices meet the personalized needs of consumers to the greatest extent

bangyuan famous craftsman terminal development assistance staff told the editor: in order to meet the owner's sense of experience, bangyuan famous craftsman is more targeted at " Bag check in " The owners of provide 3D live experience, which greatly enhances the participation of consumers, so that owners can feel their home personally " Hardcover customization "e; Effect after completion

3d live experience

brand protection " Bag check in " New interpretation

when it comes to home customization, the most important part is quality assurance. Bangyuan famous craftsman has focused on customized furniture for the whole house for 14 years, and his own brand is "e; Hardcover customization "e; The most reliable guarantee. Focus on green zero aldehyde with the heart of a craftsman " Small space "e; In the field of home customization, we can solve the pain points of small space home, and create infinite possibilities for the flexibility of Chinese families in limited space

in terms of product design, bangyuan famous craftsman cooperates with real estate developers in terms of overall wardrobe, customized wardrobe, customized cabinet and software sofa supporting facilities, makes a comprehensive analysis according to the customer group characteristics and regional characteristics of the development project, and provides exclusive customization schemes from effect drawing design to main material selection. It can also provide the integration of soft packaging, home appliance packaging and furniture packaging according to the needs of customers, so that owners can truly realize " Check in "e;. In such a model and service system, small business owners can really start " Shake hands shopkeeper "e;, Really enjoy "e; Custom hardcover "e; Bring private, customized and whole process services




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