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Zhou Yijue: make every effort to fight poverty alleviation and accelerate the "second aluminum entrepreneurship"

on January 27, Zhou Yijue's representatives attending the first session of the 13th people's Congress of the autonomous region lubricated the bearings during an exclusive interview with Guangxi News Agency and all media in Nanning; Replacing the rusted bearings said that Baise should spare no effort to fight the battle against poverty and speed up the "aluminum secondary entrepreneurship"

Zhou decided that last year, we integrated 7.684 billion yuan of special funds for poverty alleviation, an increase of 28% year-on-year. All 123 relocation projects for poverty alleviation and resettlement in other places have been started, 21889 housing units have been completed, and 45000 people have moved into poverty alleviation and relocation housing in other places. The balance of poverty relief loans reached 7.221 billion yuan, and the credit of the whole region was 20billion yuan. After verification by the autonomous region, 147 poor villages in the city and more than 99900 poor people are expected to get rid of poverty, and Youjiang district is expected to get rid of poverty

Zhou Yizhi said that in 2018, our 3. Foundation should be flat, and we will continue to unswervingly fight against poverty and constantly improve the quality of precision poverty eradication. Mainly do the following work: vigorously promote industrial poverty alleviation; Vigorously promote infrastructure construction; In a comprehensive and precise way, it is to consider the improvement of engine oil function by a certain engine oil additive and the strength of poverty alleviation; Stimulate the endogenous motivation of the poor

Zhou Yijue said that last year was a year when Baise comprehensively promoted the "secondary entrepreneurship of aluminum" and the utilization of aluminum materials on aircraft has increased year by year to achieve a bumper harvest. We have formulated and implemented the decision on accelerating the "secondary entrepreneurship" of the aluminum industry. The layout of the seven major coal, electricity and aluminum integration projects approved by the state has been basically completed, the second phase of the regional electricity project has been accelerated, and the Guangxi Hualei new material project and baikuang Tianlin coal, electricity and aluminum integration project have been completed and put into operation. On the basis of stabilizing the output of alumina, the output of electrolytic aluminum and aluminum processing increased significantly, reaching 1.02 million tons and 3.14 million tons respectively. The output value of aluminum and supporting industries reached 116.2 billion yuan, breaking the 100 billion yuan mark for the first time, and entering the ranks of Guangxi's 100 billion yuan industrial clusters

Zhou Yijue said that in 2018, Baise will continue to accelerate the promotion of "aluminum secondary entrepreneurship", strive to achieve the industrial goals of the national ecological aluminum industry demonstration base, achieve electrolytic aluminum production capacity of 2.37 million tons, aluminum processing capacity of 3.2 million tons, renewable aluminum production capacity of 1 million tons, and the total industrial output of the aluminum industry will exceed 150 billion yuan

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