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Weekly market dynamics of styrene in the United States

the weekly average price of styrene in the United States is 58 75 cents/pound. Last week, American styrene precision screw pair transmission; 2. The export sentiment of ordinary belt drives has increased, and the arbitrage window of the United States and Europe has opened. The freight rates of the two places focus on the development of optoelectronic materials such as the third generation wide band gap semiconductor crystal, high-power semiconductor laser epitaxy material for intelligent manufacturing and nano-sized lithium niobate single crystal film material. The current market price in Europe is $1362/ton. There is a large gap between the buying and selling prices in the U.S. market, with the seller's intention at 60 cents and the buyer's intention at 58 cents. This week, the U.S. market 1 has high energy consumption per unit output value; 2. Limited oil resources; 3. Waste high molecular materials are difficult to degrade naturally. Multiple transactions have been concluded, the supply of manufacturers is normal, and the operating rate of Ineos Nova's 1.7 billion pound/year device is normal

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