The hottest weekly report shows that polyurethane

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The weekly report shows that polyurethane products continue to be optimistic about lithium battery materials

Market Review

in this period, the CSI 300 index rose by 2.15%, the CITIC basic chemical index rose by 3.88%, and 11 of the 23 CITIC basic chemical sub industries outperformed the industry index. In this period, the top five sub industries in terms of rise and fall were inorganic salts, organosilicon, household chemicals, other chemicals and civil explosives; Polyurethane, nylon, resin, phosphorus chemical industry and nitrogenous fertilizer were the top five sub industries. In terms of individual stocks, red star development, Keheng Co., Ltd., rainbow fine chemicals, Demai chemical and Baoshuo Co., Ltd. ranked among the top five in terms of rise and fall respectively; Shanxi sanwei, YABEN chemical, Amway Co., Ltd., Kangda new material and Wanhua chemical ranked the last five in terms of rise and fall

industry and company tracking

within 18 days, at least 24 titanium dioxide enterprises have successively announced product price increases

industrial textiles performed well in the first half of the year

ChuanHua shares: acquisition of Dutch tpcholdingb 5. Equity

Silver Jubilee Technology: release the 2016 semi annual report

price changes of major products

in this period, among the 58 chemical products we focus on, 19 have increased in price and 3 have decreased. The top five products in terms of rise and fall were polymerized MDI, TDI, ammonium chloride, BDO and butadiene; In this period, only three kinds of coke markets showed a decline pattern as a whole, and the product prices fell, namely calcium hydrogen phosphate, methanol and cotton. Recently, the prices of polyurethane related products such as TDI and MDI have risen. It is suggested to pay attention to trading opportunities of related companies

investment strategy

in this period, the price of chemical products that we focus on has increased more or decreased. Products related to the polyurethane industry chain, such as propylene oxide, polymerized MDI, TD force measuring pointer, etc., have increased at a constant speed. I, the current deputy director of the materials department of 1 Steam Technology Center, etc., is recommended to pay attention to trading opportunities of related companies. From the perspective of fundamentals, we are still optimistic about opportunities in sub industries such as lithium battery materials and agrochemicals

risk prompt

1. Policy risk; 2. The risk that the construction of new production capacity does not meet expectations; 3. Safety production risk

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