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Guangdong Lecong Defu plastic city one week price

last week, the quotation of most products in Defu plastic city was basically stable, the price was basically the same as last week, and the price change of products was mostly maintained at the level of ± 50 yuan/ton. However, the prices of Guangzhou petrochemical, Maoming Petrochemical and some imported products increased significantly, such as the price of LLDPE (2001/7042) of Guangzhou Petrochemical and PP (j641/v30g) of Maoming Petrochemical increased by 100 yuan/T, and the price of PA6 made in Japan POM produced in South Korea and Japan increased significantly, between yuan

as the end of the year is approaching, the demand of downstream businesses is not booming. Although major petrochemical plants have raised the ex factory price, the actual acceptance level of the market is limited, and there is a phenomenon of "price without market". The price of many products in this market is still lower than the ex factory price

looking forward to this week, the demand of downstream businesses may still remain unchanged. This latest filter membrane production system can produce membrane materials with an average diameter of 500 nm or less. However, affected by the lag factor of petrochemical plants' increasing the ex factory price, theoretically speaking, the plastic price will remain relatively stable this week. The effect of slight humidity on plastic performance is mainly to penetrate into the rising state of absorption

several products with large price changes last week

product name, model, origin, 6th price, 13th price rise and fall

abs 0215a Jihua 8800 8900 100

abs 850 Thailand 9200 9100 -100

abs 9815a Jihua 8650 8750 100

abs hfa-75 Daqing 11800 11650 -150

abs SX200 daily 13700 13800 100

as 9s Japan 7800 7900 100

eva Beijing 87508600-150

hdpe b56003 India 6000 6100 100

LDPE 1f7b Beijing 6580 6700 120

ldpe 260gg Malaysia 6750 6650 -100

ldpe j5019 Japan 7850 7600 -250

l new green material LDPE 2001 Guangzhou 5950 6050 100

lldpe 7042 Guangzhou 5850 5950 100

pa6 1010c2 Japan 16000 16500 500

pc 141R-111 Japan 20200 20300 100

pom K700 South Korea 13300 14000 700

POM m Japan 14800 15200 400

pp 110 India 6700 6800 100

pp 340r South Korea 8250 8350 100

pp j641 Maoming 7200 7300 100

pp v30g Maoming 68006900 100

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