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[HDPE weekly review] after shock consolidation, the market is foggy

I. this week's market (August 6 to August 10):

this week's HDPE warehouse receipt market is still cold, with general trading volume, which has decreased significantly year-on-year last week. By the end of the weekend, the HDPE warehouse receipt index had closed at 979.08 points, up 2.82 points year-on-year. The overall performance is a trend of concussion and slight rise, and the weekly K-line closed at short Yang

on Monday, HDPE opened higher and went higher. The intraday buyers pushed up, and the situation fluctuated higher. The high-level support of buyers in the middle and rear market was strong, and the horizontal shock rose slightly until the final closing rose, further tightening the start-up time of enterprises. HDPE warehouse orders jumped short and opened low on Tuesday, but due to the buyer's confidence, they pushed up all the way, and the market was still relatively optimistic, surging up to the end of the market. HDPE warehouse orders opened higher and went lower on Wednesday, and fell immediately in the early stage. Due to the emergence of some closed positions in the middle and rear market, the buyer's push up was still weak, which could only be supported and recovered slightly, ending in a narrow range shock and a small rise. HDPE warehouse orders opened higher on Thursday, with a high shock in the early stage and a slight decline. The support of mid market buyers was unfavorable, and the market fell sharply, turning up into falling. The buyers in the late market slightly increased, making the market slightly good-looking and closing with a small rise. HDPE warehouse orders jumped short and opened low on Friday. Due to the support of the buyer, the front market once rose rapidly, the middle market fluctuated in a narrow range and was accompanied by a small rise. The buyer left the market more in the middle and rear market, and the situation was reversed by the seller, accelerating the decline. The late market fluctuated horizontally and ended in a decline. By the end of the weekend, the total turnover was 850 tons, a significant decrease from last week. The order on Friday was 340 tons, a decrease of 45 tons from last Friday; The transaction details of a week are as follows:

warehouse receipt variety

settlement price (yuan/ton)

average daily transaction of HD warehouse receipt (ton)

total order quantity of HD warehouse receipt (ton)

at the end of the week

last weekend

rise and fall range

at the end of the week

increase and decrease range

last week

at the end of the week

increase and decrease range







67 ↓



45 ↓




21 ↑

II Comprehensive analysis:

it is inevitable that the tension machine will have a state index. According to the daily K-line chart, the K-line combination entity this week is three yang and two Yin, which is basically a high-level shock consolidation market. By the end of the week, K-line entities had closed out short Yang entities, with long and short positions stuck, and the empty strategy was dominant. The entities were basically sorted out between the 5-day and 10-day moving average, so it was difficult to be optimistic in the future. MACD smooth moving average dif line crosses DEA line, the red column becomes smaller day by day, the aftermarket is confused, and KDJ index turns around; The BOL index was observed on the K-line for 30 minutes, and the opening was enlarged. The late trading entity was in the overbought area above the price line, and the price line tilted upward. Based on various technical indicators, this market belongs to the shock consolidation market, with a narrow range. The trading order is close to each other, and HDPE warehouse receipts are more likely to maintain shock and negative decline

on the news, crude oil fell sharply this week, and the oil price hit a one month low. By the close of this Friday, WTI crude oil was 71.47 yuan/barrel, down 4.01 yuan from last week; Brent crude oil was $70.39/barrel, down 4.36 yuan from last week. In terms of spot goods, the domestic HDPE market atmosphere was poor this week. The use of some varieties of small and medium-sized anchor fatigue testing machines and the functional characteristics of the equipment increased. There are basically no bright spots in the market, and the transaction is still not significantly improved. There are not many sources of goods in the hands of traders, the inventory of raw materials in downstream factories is low, and the factory price of domestic petrochemical enterprises is stable, and there is basically no decline. Supported by this, the market mentality is OK. It is expected that the short-term market will remain stable and will not change much

(personal view, for reference only; based on this, enter the market at your own risk)

source of information: China plastics trading

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