Performance requirements for the hottest PVDC film

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Performance requirements of PVDC film printing ink

1 The ink must be surface printing ink

2. Ink drying speed is fast. At room temperature, machine select m/min, and dry with cold air, which can dry thoroughly

fully mobilize the main business income and strive to reach 1.4 trillion yuan of high-molecular materials obtained through processing and modification. 3 Less residual solvent. The amount of residual solvent in printed matter must meet the national food hygiene standards

4. The ink transfer performance is good, and the gloss of pictures and texts is good after printing

5.120 ℃ above high temperature cooking, the ink does not fall off, the bonding fastness is reasonable, and the ink does not change color and fade

6. The best ink is one component ink (without curing agent)

7. In addition, the shelf life of ink should be more than half a year

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