Perkins will bring a variety of products to BMW Sh

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Perkins will bring a variety of products to the 2014 Shanghai BMW exhibition

Perkins will bring a variety of products to the 2014 Shanghai BMW exhibition

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domestic enterprises will participate in overseas mineral projects through equity participation. From November 25 to 28, 2014, China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery, construction vehicles and Equipment Expo (baumachina2014, Shanghai BMW exhibition) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Perkins will bring its multi series engines to the exhibition. Ideal power scheme for small motor equipment

Perkins 400 series engine is extremely compact in size, leading the performance of similar products, and is an ideal power system for non road motor equipment; The power range is 8.2~49.3kw. The 500 hour standard maintenance interval, the two-year standard warranty period, low noise and low vibration roughness, as well as a number of optional configurations, make the 400 series engine the most ideal power scheme for small motor equipment

the 404d-22ta model to be exhibited in baumachina2014 is a 2.2-liter turbocharged engine with extremely low noise, which can provide customers with excellent performance at low operating costs

its maximum power can reach 49.3kw (66bhp); The compact, side mounted built-in turbocharger provides additional power and only slightly increases the assembly size; Maintain the noise level at the lowest level, strictly control the subjective sound and vibration roughness, and make the engine more quiet during operation; The design and production process have been improved in many ways to further improve the reliability and durability of the engine; Equipped with an improved governor and has passed a number of newly designed compliance tests to ensure that the engine can run without failure for 6000 hours. Environmental protection member

1206f series is the most environmentally friendly member in Perkins' product lineup, which can meet the EU phase IV and US level 4 final emission regulations to be implemented in 2014 and 2015 respectively, with a power range of 140~225kw

1206f series has several models, which are 6-cylinder intercooled engines with 7-Liter displacement. They can be equipped with single-stage turbochargers or tandem two-stage turbochargers. Coupled with lightweight and extremely small aftertreatment components, this engine with more compact assembly size can easily replace similar products with larger displacement

the composition of the subsequent treatment device is to integrate the container containing the diesel oxidation catalytic device (DOC)/diesel particulate filter (DPF) and the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system into a comprehensive component, which can be installed on the base of the machine, not in the engine, or directly on the top of the engine. Since the aftertreatment components only occupy a small space in the engine room, it is particularly beneficial for small machinery

this series also has many other features, which can reduce the complexity of installation, including flexible selection of inlet and outlet positions, pre installation of electronic components and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) pipe connection points; All of them help the main engine factory reduce the installation process

The liquid consumption of each working cycle of

1206f is estimated to be 5% less than that of previous models, including def required by diesel and SCR system. Therefore, end users can not only enjoy lower operating costs, but also have higher efficiency and faster work. The products of Perkins 1100 series are equipped with a large number of configurations using a common platform, including multiple mechanical and electronic control models, which can meet different emission regulations around the world. The main engine factory can easily change the power system according to the requirements of different markets, so the impact on the production line can be minimized

1104d-e44ta model is a four cylinder electronically controlled engine, which can meet the EU Ⅲ a phase/U.S. Level 3 emission regulations, with a maximum power of 106kw and a maximum torque rejection of more than 556nm; By increasing the power to weight ratio, the production efficiency is greatly improved

the biggest highlight of the engine is equipped with a newly designed world-class common rail fuel injection system. This brand-new fuel system is equipped with a filter of leading similar products, so it has a good adaptability to fuel and can support fuel of different quality all over the world

this electronic control model has many of the same components as the mechanical model of the same series, so that the main engine factory can make a seamless transition from an emission stage to a higher stage. The equipped common rail fuel injection system not only helps to optimize fuel economy, but also greatly improves the overall performance of the machine

1104d-e models are suitable for all major application machinery, including engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and power generation equipment. In order to meet the diversified requirements of customers, we have a large number of different configurations. No matter what kind of machinery the main engine factory produces, we can choose the most suitable power system, which has greater flexibility in terms of mechanical integration and after-sales maintenance from 033w/mk to 0

since this model follows the concept of common platform of Perkins 1100 series, the changes of engine shell size and installation point are minimized, which provides great benefits for OEM customers and end users who need to convert power systems with higher emission standards

1106c-70ta mechanical control engine can meet the American level 2/EU phase II emission regulations, and is designed to provide customers with long-term power solutions. The maximum power of this type of engine can reach 162kw, and the maximum torque is more than 900nm. At the same time, with the help of increasing the power weight ratio, the productivity is greatly improved. It can match a variety of fuels, including kerosene, aviation fuel and 20% biofuel [rapeseed oil methanol (RME)], and has a large number of different options to meet the needs of specific supply markets. Due to the common platform, the cost can be effectively controlled when customers change the power system

106d-e70ta electronically controlled engine adopts electronic fuel injection, and the target increase in displacement in 2015 will be 10% to 7 liters, which can meet the EU Ⅲ a phase/U.S. Level 3 emission regulations. By focusing on the advantages of the general platform concept, Perkins designers succeeded in minimizing changes to the engine housing size and mounting points. This design has been considered in combination with the soon to be implemented and stricter EU Ⅲ B phase/U.S. level 4 emission regulations

by improving the section of manifold, combustion zone and turbocharger, increasing cylinder displacement and adopting the important innovative technology of high-pressure common rail fuel injection, 1106d-e70ta can greatly increase power and torque and significantly reduce noise. The 1106d-e70ta is also equipped with multiple V-belts, 4-Valve cylinder heads and high flow filters, all of which help to prolong the maintenance interval. 8. Displacement measurement error: ± 1% to 500 hours; More certified biodiesel (5%) can be used, making it a super clean engine with competitive prices

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