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Performance testing of composite film materials and products (5)

III. hygienic standard for composite food packaging bags. The hygienic standard gb9683-88 for composite food packaging bags in China is as follows:

this standard is applicable to food packaging bags made of paper, plastic film or aluminum foil through adhesives (polyurethane and modified polypropylene), including cooking bags and ordinary composite bags

1. Sensory indicators

(1) appearance. It should be flat, free of wrinkles, and well sealed. There shall be no cracks, pores and composite layer separation

(2) bag soaking solution. There shall be no peculiar smell, odor, turbidity and discoloration

2. Physical and chemical indicators. Physical and chemical indicators should meet the following requirements:

table product standards and performance of composite cooking bags

project indicators

Methylenediamine (4% acetic acid), mg/l <0.004

evaporation residue, mg/l

4% acetic acid <30

the relevant person in charge of China Zhongwang introduced n-hexane, normal temperature, 2h <30

60% ethanol, normal temperature, 2h <30

(refers to the composite bag with the inner layer of polyethylene plastic film)

potassium permanganate consumption (water), Mg/L <10

heavy metals (calculated by Pb), mg/L

4% acetic acid <1

note: soaking conditions: a. the service temperature (including sterilization) is 60 ~ 120 ℃, 40min

b. the composite bag with temperature lower than 60 ℃ is 60 ℃ for 2h

IV. standard for cooking resistant composite packaging bags

at present, China has not issued a unified standard for cooking bags. The table is the product standard for some composite cooking bags, which can be used for reference. With the increase of the demand for downstream plastic products, the official installation and use of elium blades next year will be examined

table product standards and performance of composite cooking bags

project test method unit rp-f rp-t has 95% of the enterprise's annual revenue of less than 100 million yuan rp-n advanced rp-f

structure pet/ai/po pet/po ny/po pet/ai/special layer/po

the appearance is opaque, Metallic luster translucent translucent opaque

composite strength astm-10578 n/20mm width 9.8 5.9 5.9 76

sealing strength astm-10578 n/20mm width 68.6 58.8 68.6 78 ~ 98

tensile strength astm-10578 n/20mm width 78 68.6 98 127 ~ 147

elongation astm-10578% 871080 ~ 120

rupture strength astm-1030a n (vertical) (horizontal) 0.078

0.088 0.49 ~ 0.68

65 0.59

0.68 0.54

tear strength astm-1029 MPa kgf/cm 0.44 (4.5)

0.39 (4) 0.44 (4.5) 0.69 (7)

heat resistance temperature c 124 124 137

heat sealing temperature c 180 ~ 230 150 ~ 220 150 ~ 220 190

oxygen permeability pressure method 98kpa (1 atmospheric pressure) 27c, 65%rh cm3/m2 · 24h 0118550

moisture permeability g/m2 · 24h 0330

source ---- Bisheng

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