Perkins launches animated short film to remind cus

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Perkins launched animated short film to remind customers of the key to diesel engine maintenance

Perkins launched animated short film to remind customers of the key to diesel engine maintenance

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Perkins recently produced a set of animated short films to help engine owners and users understand the main causes of blue smoke from exhaust streams and remedies

the 90 minute animated short series has been uploaded to Youku, Welcome to login at any time:

Kate Theobald, Perkins City Commissioner, said: "We decided to convey important maintenance information in a relaxed and vivid form of animated short film. The engines owned by our customers run continuously all over the world every day, driving many application machines. This short film can help them understand some of the main causes of blue smoke produced by the engine and which parts may need to be replaced to eliminate smoke and maintain the best operating efficiency of the engine. This is really a breakthrough." The new method can adjust the buffer valve handle very well to produce the buffer of the corresponding load, which well demonstrates the rich professional knowledge and experience of Perkins' global component supply and agent network. "

according to Kate Theobald, Perkins' agents and their dealers are very supportive of adopting the mode of animation video promotion service, and will add video links to their respective stations to ensure that the information can be conveyed to their end users. "I hope that users with Perkins engine will benefit from watching this animated video. Of course, we also welcome them to give us feedback at any time through the link on the website." Kate added

Perkins fatigue test is widely used in aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, construction and other industries. Perkins Engine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1932. As one of the world's leading engine manufacturers, Perkins Engine Co., Ltd. is a leader in the 4-2000 kW off highway diesel and natural gas engine market. Perkins is good at customizing engines for customers to fully meet their specific needs, so it is trusted by equipment manufacturers. With this advantage, the company now supplies engines to more than 1000 major equipment manufacturers around the world. These engines are used in more than 5000 different occasions, covering six major markets: agricultural machinery, construction/engineering machinery, power generation equipment, industrial equipment, material handling equipment and ship equipment

Perkins can meet the needs of material measurement. The product support teams stationed all over the world ensure that every Perkins engine sold, no matter where it is located in the world, can operate normally at all times. The global network of more than 100 Perkins agents, covering more than 180 countries and regions, provides product support through 3500 service points, all of which adhere to the most stringent standards to ensure that customers in every corner of the world can receive the best quality service

Perkins in China in the early 1970s, Perkins began to provide services to Chinese customers. With the continuous growth of market share in China, the company set up an office in Shanghai in 2006 to manage the Chinese market as a whole. Perkins' engine Industrial Park in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, has built three production lines since it was put into operation in November 2008, focusing on manufacturing 400 Series Compact engines and 1100 series medium-sized engines. The 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines can be processed into capric acid models. Perkins Wuxi engine Industrial Park also has a research and development center to focus on developing products suitable for Chinese and even Asian markets. Together with the Shanghai sales team, the Wuxi team is committed to helping Chinese complete machine manufacturers conquer the local and export markets, so as to make Perkins achieve its ultimate goal: to become the preferred engine supplier for Chinese equipment manufacturers

Perkins currently appoints three agents in China: Weijia Power System Co., Ltd., lixingxing Machinery Co., Ltd. and West (Beijing) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., forming a perfect network covering the whole of China to provide the best sales and product support services

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