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Car perfume or cancer? How to choose car perfume correctly

many car owners like to use car perfume, some to eliminate peculiar smell, some to keep the brain awake, and some to keep the mood happy. But now the car fragrance improves the accuracy of the follow-up structural analysis results. The brand of the water market is chaotic, and fakes are popular. If you accidentally buy a toxic perfume, it will not pay off. So, how to identify the authenticity of perfume and buy a good perfume that meets your own wishes and needs

how much do you know about car perfume

at present, there are three types of car perfume commonly used in the market: aerosol, liquid and solid

aerosol vehicle perfume: it has a strong flavor and can cover some special odors in the car, such as tobacco smell, luggage compartment smell, etc., but it volatilizes very fast and has certain dangers. Because it has only one spray hole, once the spray hole is blocked, the temperature in the car is too high, and the perfume accelerates to evaporate, which may lead to an explosion

liquid car perfume: the appearance is generally more beautiful. It is usually placed in glassware and is deeply favored by female friends. Fragrance of liquid perfume the host of this kind of products is electronic, but the clip is hydraulic. The smell is thick, lasts for a long time, and emits slowly. It can be used for about three to five months in winter, but liquid perfume should also avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, otherwise it will be easy to burst

solid vehicle perfume: it mainly mixes essence with some materials, and then pressurizes it. It can be used for about two months. Solid ointment generally does not have the worry of cracking, but its fragrance is light and emits quickly

the role of car perfume

car perfume is used to eliminate odors, wake up the brain, and maintain a happy mood. When choosing car perfume, car owners need to choose different types of perfume in combination with their own needs and uses

car perfume is also the embodiment of personal taste. Different styles of perfume can render the car into an emotional place, romantic, melancholy or pure pleasure. Car perfume is also a good interior decoration gadget, such as the popular cartoon Mickey Mouse, little Winnie the Pooh, the "Golden Buddha" guarding peace, and so on, which can add elegance to the car. In addition, car perfume can also remove the odor in the car and purify the air

how to correctly choose car perfume

if you want to maintain a balanced state of mind when driving, you can choose a perfume with calming effect; If car owners like smoking, they can choose herbal fragrance, green tea fragrance, apple fragrance and other fragrance types, which can effectively remove the pungent smell of tobacco; If you are under great pressure and have a fast pace of life, you can choose herbal fragrance, flower fragrance and other fragrance types with calming effect, which can relax your mood and relieve pressure. The price of 40d product is about 48000 (4) 9000 yuan per ton; If you are a car owner who has a sedentary office and has a boring job, you can choose perfume that can relax your nerves, such as mint fragrance and lemon fragrance

however, it is understood that more than 90% of the car perfume on the market are "three noes" products, which not only fail to refresh the mind and purify the air, but will pollute the air in the car again. Perfume mixed with chemical spices and industrial alcohol will stimulate human organs, especially the respiratory system, and make people in the car cough, dizziness, vomiting and other symptoms, which is not only harmful to health, but also affect driving safety. Long term use may also cause slow smell, impaired vision, and even become a cause of cancer. Therefore, car owners should choose carefully when buying car perfume

1. Look at the appearance

the perfume produced by a regular enterprise has clear and clear appearance signs, and the appearance of perfume is exquisite. At the same time, the product must be accompanied by the product name, business name, business address and contact information, as well as the Chinese description of precautions. Most of the emergency response instructions are not in Chinese, mostly in Japanese and Korean

2. Look at the hand feeling

perfume produced by regular manufacturers can be opened for inspection when buying. The mouth of perfume bottle rotates smoothly, while perfume merchants in the subsidiary factory are generally not allowed to open it. The mouth of perfume bottle rotates with a harsh hand feeling

3. Smell fragrance

fragrance is also one of the criteria to distinguish authenticity. After opening the perfume, the aroma of high-quality perfume is pure, while the low-quality perfume for cars will give off a pungent smell, which is easy to leak after exposure to the sun

4. Volatilization process

perfume produced by regular manufacturers volatilizes stably, will not deteriorate, and will not overflow under the scorching sun. While perfume from the subsidiary factory volatilizes quickly, which is prone to leakage in the sun, corrodes the dashboard, and gradually turns white

5. Look at the price

the price of car perfume produced by regular manufacturers is generally not too cheap. And the perfume sold on the market for less than 100 yuan, or even only 20 yuan or 30 yuan, basically does not need to be considered. It is generally a sub factory or fake perfume

precautions for the use of car perfume

1. Don't expose perfume in glass bottles to the direct sunlight, otherwise it will be easy to explode in direct heat

2. it is not recommended to choose a slender perfume. It is easy to overturn it in the car when suddenly braking, which is very troublesome to pack up

3. Don't put perfume around the airbag. It will be dangerous in case of accidents

4. Try not to choose perfume with strong metallic sense on the outer package, which will reflect sunlight and affect the driver's line of sight

5. When changing perfume, try to use clean kerosene to clean the interior of the oil pipe, and the original fragrance will dissipate. If you want to use the original perfume bottle, you must clean the perfume bottle and replace the cotton core. After mixing the two different fragrance types, not only can it not achieve the desired effect of perfume, but it may also backfire, causing passengers to feel uncomfortable, seriously affecting the driver's mood and threatening driving safety

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