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The performance testing method of electronic tensile tester

the performance testing method of electronic tensile tester

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test improvement and retest. This method is to expose the weak links of the product through the test, analyze the failure mode of the product and the characteristics and failure mechanism of loading stability, find out the problems and immediately improve them, and then test to confirm the problems solved, Increase the reliability of products. In the development stage of electronic products, this method can greatly increase the reliability of products by making necessary improvements immediately according to the specific situation after the weak links of products are exposed through systematic tests. This method is more applicable to the situation where only one relatively common and serious problem occurs in the test, and has strong pertinence

although electronic products have been systematically tested in the development stage, specific analysis should be made according to the exposed problems and flexible application should be made. The three methods commonly used in reliability test are often cycle after cycle, and the reliability level of a cycle is higher than that of a cycle product. In addition, the reliability test should not only pass the system test, but also expose the weak links of product production through climatic environment test, mechanical environment test and human normal use test according to the specific situation, carry out comprehensive scientific analysis and make corresponding improvement, The electronic products are at the design and development stage, but some European automobile manufacturers believe that a variety of superior performance can be used to make up for the segment, which further improves its inherent reliability

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