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Performance test of high-end road transport dump truck Oman GTL beat Hongyan C500, Jiefang j6p won

performance test of high-end road transport dump truck Oman GTL beat Hongyan C500, Jiefang j6p won

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on October, the comprehensive performance test competition of Chinese dump truck with the theme of "transportation king, high efficiency and pioneer" was held in Kunming, Yunnan Province. This event attracted many domestic mainstream dump truck products, including Auman GTL dump truck, SAIC Hongyan C500, Jiefang j6p, etc. Finally, after going through 10 subjects of field control race and fuel consumption test race, Shi Dianxiang, the player driving No. 1 Auman GTL, won the championship with the first place in five single subjects; The contestant who drives Hongyan C500 in car 3 won the runner up with the first place in three single subjects; The contestant who drove the No. 2 car Jiefang j6p won the third place with the first place in two single events. As the domestic mainstream high-end dump truck products, the three products fully reflect the excellent product performance, and also intuitively show the current development status and overall level of high-end highway transportation dump trucks in China

[speech by leaders of the Association]

[departure ceremony of the competition]

[the driver of Auman GTL has won the champion of car 1 unloaded since 2014 (first from the right)]

it is understood that the subjects of the comprehensive performance test competition of the dump truck mainly include flat ground test, climbing test, sight range, downhill braking, flat ground braking, ground clearance, muddy road, actual road test and static evaluation. This is also the first competition event held in China for the purpose of evaluating the performance of high-end dump trucks. By comprehensively testing the performance of vehicles of various brands, it is committed to helping users choose dump truck products that are more suitable for their own needs, promoting the efficient completion of various engineering tasks in the process of building infrastructure in the west, and promoting the development of the dump truck industry in the southwest and even the whole country

[participating in the performance comparison, one enterprise competes for the three dump trucks that suffer administrative punishment]

dynamic test is powerful, safe, and fuel-efficient. Auman GTL is better than others.

as we all know, highway heavy-duty transport vehicles are mostly used to transport earth and rock, coal, ore, etc., mainly in special areas such as industrial areas, mining areas, mountainous areas, and the loading quality is relatively large, and due to the relatively short transportation distance, The roads during transportation are generally provincial roads or general grade roads, and the vehicles are required to have a return no-load speed. Therefore, the requirements for the power, bearing capacity and fuel economy of the whole vehicle are relatively high. In addition, due to the complexity of the working environment of highway heavy-duty transport vehicles, it is required that the vehicles have a certain approach angle, departure angle, minimum ground clearance, longitudinal and transverse passing radius, and can achieve "flexibility" in and out of the transportation site

in the first "flat acceleration" subject test of the field control race, the three vehicles start at the same time, and the vehicle that first accelerates the speed to 60km/h by increasing gears one by one will win. Finally, the time of vehicle 1 was 19.86 seconds; The time for vehicle 2 is 25 seconds 48; The time for car 3 is 22.23 seconds. In the static load test and rated load test "climbing test", the three vehicles started at the same time, and by increasing gears one by one, the vehicle that reached the top first won. Finally, the time of vehicle 1 is 10 seconds and 35; The time for vehicle 2 is 13 seconds 32; The time for car 3 is 21.26 seconds. In general, the performance of car 1 was quite eye-catching in the power test

[climbing test]

in the braking test, when the competition vehicle drives to the downhill braking point at a constant speed of 20km/h, the downhill braking distance of car 1 is 1003cm; The downhill braking distance of car 2 is 1010cm; The downhill braking distance of car 3 is 994cm; Car 3 has a slight advantage. In the braking on flat ground, the braking distance of vehicle 1 is 770cm; The braking distance of car 2 is 820cm; The braking distance of car No. 3 is 830cm, and car No. 1 is relatively outstanding in this subject

[vehicle 3 has excellent braking performance on downhill]

[vehicle 1 has excellent braking performance on flat ground]

in the passing test, the three vehicles passed smoothly in the face of muddy roads. Among them, the time of vehicle 1 is 18.40 seconds, that of vehicle 2 is 20.79 seconds, and that of vehicle 3 is 17 seconds. The performance of vehicle 3 is better. As for the ground clearance, the ground clearance of car 1 is 29cm, the ground clearance of car 2 is 26.5cm, and the ground clearance of car 3 is 27.5cm, with car 1 leading

[vehicle 1 quickly passes through muddy roads]

[vehicle 1 carries out the mid-term test of ground clearance subjects]

in order to comprehensively test the fuel economy of the three products, the route between the outer suburb construction section and the highway section is set up in the fuel consumption test link. From the PetroChina gas station 5 kilometers away from the entrance of Chenggong North toll station to Xiaoying toll station. Among them, the driving distance of social roads is 10 kilometers and that of high-speed roads is 47.1 kilometers, with a total of 57.1 kilometers. Finally, the fuel consumption of car 1 is 30.12 liters, that of car 2 is 31.03 liters, and that of car 3 is 43.79 liters. In this subject, the fuel saving strength of No. 1 Auman GTL dump truck is quite outstanding

[refueling data of car 1]

[refueling data of car 2]

the static test is indistinguishable. The details are in place to show humanized care.

the three models in this competition, Auman GTL, Hongyan C500 and Jiefang j6p, are equipped with Cummins X12 460 HP engine, shangfeihong C11 450 HP engine and Xichai ca6dm2 460 HP engine respectively, all of which are 12 gear transmissions, and the overall vehicle condition of each vehicle is good, It ensures the stable performance of the participating vehicles in the actual competition process. In the whole performance competition process, the three vehicles have well demonstrated the advanced technology and excellent strength of China's high-end road transport dump trucks, and further strengthened users' understanding of China's high-end heavy trucks

in view of a series of problems mentioned by users of highway heavy-duty transport vehicles, such as high cab noise, etc., the digital display electronic experimental machine of the event professional evaluation machine is suitable for user organizations that only seek the force value, tensile strength, compressive strength and other relevant data. The way of ignition in situ alone and in turn is used to test the noise decibel inside the vehicle at idle speed and different speeds. In terms of race results, under the same noise environment, the noise in car No. 1 is 65.2 dB, that in car No. 2 is 58.5 dB, and that in car No. 3 is 67.6 dB. In the lighting test, car 3 performed better and won the first place in the subject

[vehicle 2 takes the lead in noise testing subjects]

in terms of humanization, professional evaluation institutions evaluate the vehicle's turnover device, pedal convenience, space and storage, the overall space size in the cab, the driver's operation area, internal passing performance, practical functions, etc. The three vehicles are almost equal, which fully reflects their advantages in humanized configuration as the mainstream high-end highway transportation dump truck in China. For example, the sleeper in the cab of car 2 is relatively wide, which makes it more comfortable to touch and convenient to lie down directly; The central console of car 1 is semi enclosed, which makes the user's operation easier. When driving in southwest mountainous areas such as Yunnan, it is undoubtedly safer to have a wider field of vision. In the field of vision test, the sight distance range of car 1 is 10, the sight distance range of car 2 is 11, and the sight distance range of car 3 is 9. Car 2 wins again

[sight distance test]

in recent years, China's heavy truck industry has developed rapidly, and the requirements for efficient transportation are also higher and higher. From the overall performance of the participating vehicles, it is not difficult to see that the good development of the participating vehicles in the competition has given domestic heavy truck users more and more reasonable consumption choices, and will also play a positive role in solving the current "car problem" in the logistics industry. No.1 Auman GTL dump truck is undoubtedly the most outstanding product in many test subjects, which also provides users with a new direction in vehicle selection and sets a new benchmark for the industry

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