Performance testing and marking packaging of the h

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Performance testing and marking packaging of tap

1 Overview

tap is a tool for processing all kinds of medium and small internal threads. It has simple structure and is easy to use. It can be operated manually or on machine tools. It is widely used in production

for small-size internal threads, silk dimension is almost the only processing tool. The types of screw thread are: hand screw thread, machine screw tap, nut screw tap, extrusion screw tap, etc

2. Structure of taps

although there are many types of taps, their structures are basically the same

the working part is composed of cutting part and calibration part. The tooth profile of the "cutting part" is incomplete, and the latter tooth is higher than the former tooth. When the tap makes a spiral motion, each tooth cuts a layer of metal, and the main chip cutting work of the tap is undertaken by the cutting part. The tooth profile of the calibration part is complete. It is mainly used to calibrate and polish the thread profile and plays a guiding role

the handle is used to transmit torque, and its structural form depends on the purpose and specification of the tap

3. Inspection standard

tap products adopt national standards or ministerial standards issued by the Ministry of machinery and equivalent international standards. See table 6-10-67 for details

table 6-10-67 tap inspection standard

normal align=center> product name

normal align=center> machine and hand taps

normal align=center> long shank machine taps

normal align=center> short shank machine taps and hand taps

normal align=center> nut taps

normal align=center> extrusion tap

normal align=center> national standard

normal align=center>gb/t3464

normal align=center>GB/T3464.

normal align=center>GB/T3464.

normal align=center>gb/t

n linear rotating combined friction and wear experimental machine puts China's polyaminoic acid production at the measurement system introduction international advanced level normal align=center>jb/t

normal align=center> industry standard

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