Periodic inspection of the hottest bearing V

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Periodic inspection of bearings (V)

F. cover the exposed bearings

when checking the bearings, do not expose the bearings to pollutants or moisture. If the work is interrupted, it should be covered with oil paper, plastic sheet or similar materials. It must be dried before processing

f. random switching of multiple languages: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English if the bearings without cover can be cleaned without disassembly and inspection, clean them with a brush coated with white spirit, and then dry them with a piece of lint free cloth or blow them dry with compressed air (be careful not to let the bearing assembly start rotating)

check the track surface, retainer and beads of the bearing with a small mirror and a probe similar to that used by dentists. If the bearing is not damaged, it should be relubricated according to the lubrication instructions provided by the original machine manufacturer or the recommendations on pages 204 to 247 of this book

do not clean the encrypted cover or dust-proof bearing; Just wipe the external surface. If the bearing is damaged, replace it immediately. It is much more economical to replace the bearing during the regular shutdown and maintenance period than the loss of sudden shutdown due to the damage of the array bearing

(3) bearing lubrication

1. The role of bearing lubrication

lubrication has an important impact on the fatigue life, friction, wear, temperature, vibration, etc. of rolling bearings. Without normal lubrication, bearings cannot work. Analysis of the causes of bearing damage shows that about 40% of bearing damage is related to poor lubrication. Therefore, good lubrication of bearings is an effective measure to reduce the friction and wear of bearings. In addition, bearing lubrication has many functions, such as heat dissipation, rust prevention, sealing, mitigation of impact and so on. The function of bearing lubrication can be briefly described as follows:

A. an oil film is formed between the two rolling surfaces or sliding surfaces in contact with each other to separate the two surfaces, reducing the friction and wear of the contact surface that the company's technicians decided to develop a set of quality management system by themselves

b. when oil lubrication is used, the scope of industry and integration are expanded. Especially when circulating oil lubrication, oil mist lubrication and oil injection lubrication are used, the lubricating oil can take away most of the friction heat inside the bearing and play an effective role in heat dissipation

c. when grease lubrication is used, it can prevent foreign matters such as external dust from entering the bearing and play a sealing role

d. lubricants can prevent metal corrosion

e. prolong the fatigue life of bearings

2. Comparison between grease lubrication and oil lubrication. The lubrication methods of bearings are roughly divided into grease lubrication and oil lubrication. In order to give full play to the function of the bearing, it is important to adopt the lubrication method according to the use reduction and use purpose. It shows the advantages and disadvantages of grease lubrication and oil lubrication

3. Grease lubrication

grease is a lubricant composed of base oil, thickener and additives. When selecting, the lubricating grease that is very suitable for the service conditions of bearings should be selected. Due to different trademarks, there will be great differences in performance, so we must pay attention to it when selecting. The commonly used greases for bearings include calcium base grease, sodium base grease, calcium sodium base grease, lithium base grease, aluminum base grease and molybdenum disulfide grease

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