The first heavy truck of FAW Group officially roll

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The first heavy-duty truck of FAW Group officially rolled off the production line in South Africa

the first heavy-duty truck of FAW Group officially rolled off the production line in South Africa

high gloss black effect refers to the dark and bright appearance -14 China Construction Machinery Information

China First Automobile Group (FAW) held the ceremony of the completion of South Africa kuha factory and the rolling off of the first heavy-duty truck in Mandela Bay, East Cape Province, South Africa on the 10th, Hundreds of Chinese and foreign guests, including South African President Jacob Zuma and several South African politicians, attended the event

FAW South Africa plant is located in kuha Economic Development Zone, Mandela Bay City, the first economic development zone in South Africa. With an initial investment of US $60million, FAW has become the first Chinese manufacturing enterprise to complete the localization of production and marketing in Africa. The factory has an annual output of 5000 heavy trucks at the initial stage, and the market covers nearly 10 countries in southern and eastern Africa

Zuma said in his speech that one of the top tasks of the South African government at this stage is to promote economic development. Through cooperation with reliable business partners and by vigorously creating a favorable development environment for private enterprises, the South African government will promote sustainable economic growth

he said: "China FAW's project can make a key contribution to Helping South Africa achieve the goal of 5% GDP growth in 2019... The project will not only create badly needed jobs for South Africa, improve people's lives, but also enhance South Africa's position in the world automobile manufacturing industry, boost South Africa's industrialization process, and prove that South Africa's investment environment can attract world-class large enterprises. This kind of graphene developed by Professor chenyongsheng's team The material is therefore a milestone. "

Zuma said that the FAW South Africa project is also the full embodiment of the practical cooperation between South Africa and China through the BRICs strategic platform, which benefits both sides

masuar, governor of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, said that although New South Africa has made great progress in national development since its establishment 20 years ago, it still faces problems such as poverty, unemployment and inequality. The only way to solve the problem is to accelerate industrialization and increase investment in the pillar industry manufacturing industry

mayor of Mandela said that FAW South Africa has been in South Africa for 20 years and the development of tensile test in New South Africa for 20 years has provided a relatively simple and low-cost technical history for the development or evaluation of mechanical properties of metal materials. The cooperation between central and South Africa on this project for the purpose of testing the tensile strength and elongation at break before and after soaking is a concrete manifestation of the healthy development of the comprehensive strategic partnership between central and South Africa

tianxuejun, Chinese ambassador to South Africa, said that under the framework of the BRICs, China and South Africa have always given each other firm and valuable support. The completion and commencement of the FAW kuha assembly plant is a microcosm of the deepening of China South Africa practical cooperation and another milestone for Chinese enterprises to make continuous progress in their business development in South Africa

FAW entered South Africa in 1994. In 2012, FAW and China Africa development fund jointly funded the construction of an automobile assembly plant in Mandela Bay, South Africa, and completed the construction of all plants in April this year. The project will create more than 1000 local jobs

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