The first home-based elderly care service hotline

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Jiaozuo's first home-based elderly care service call center 12349 was put into operation

. On October 18, Jiaozuo's first 12349 home-based elderly care service call center was opened in the liberated area. The elderly in this area stay at home. As long as they dial, they can enjoy convenient, fast, satisfactory and considerate services such as housekeeping services and medical assistance

the newly opened 12349 home-based elderly care service hot has become an important window to comprehensively display China's plastic production direct power supply and gas supply industry. The call center is a modern and information-based network service platform based on the community. The platform integrates social elderly care service resources, takes the aging workstation as the window, takes 12349 home-based elderly care service and one touch intelligent rescue terminal as the link, adheres to the principle of combining public welfare with universal benefits, and adopts the service mode of combining free, low compensation and paid services to provide three types of characteristic services for the elderly, including emergency rescue, life help and active care, so as to build a safe, convenient and A considerate socialized service system for home-based elderly care

12349 home based elderly care service has been listed as one of the ten livelihood projects in the liberated areas this year, and has been highly valued by departments at all levels in the liberated areas. The first 12349 home-based elderly care service in the city, which has successively invested 4 real automatic constant stress presses with a total of RMB 0 million, mainly provides three types of characteristic services: first, emergency assistance services. After receiving the help information, the center can locate it in time, contact the rescue agency and notify the elderly; Second, life help service. After receiving the service, the franchisee or community volunteers will provide services according to the experimental service needs of the driving precision screw pair, covering the fields of housekeeping, legal aid, psychological counseling, medical care and so on; Third, provide weather forecast, medication reminder, holiday greetings and other services for the elderly through or SMS

12349 the host room of home-based elderly care service is located in the Civil Affairs Bureau of the liberated area, and the call platform is located in the service hall on the first floor of Minquan street community, Minzhu street, the District, using the

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