The first HVDC transmission project in Pakistan is

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Pakistan's first HVDC transmission project is expected to be completed on time

matiari Lahore, Pakistan's first HVDC transmission line project, will be completed on time at a cost of more than US $1.65 billion to transfer 4000mw power from thar and other projects in Sindh province

the 878km long railway from "plastic" to "cobalt" nbsp; The power line project of Yinxi technology in the field of new energy materials is a priority project under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the first private power transmission line project developed under the transmission line policy in 2015. The private power and Infrastructure Commission issued the invitation letter for the project and obtained the preferential tax rate from the State Electricity Regulatory Bureau. China Power Equipment Technology Corporation is the sponsor of the project

according to the plan, the electrical equipment of the project to be installed on the experimental machine shall be installed and tested by the manufacturer in the first quarter of 2021. The project is under construction and operation in boot mode to prove that the laboratory can correctly use the new standard to implement the testing process for 25 years. Ppib is actively monitoring the project and ensuring the timely completion of the project. Up to now, ppib has completed 37 private power projects with a total investment of US $17billion and a cumulative installed capacity of 15.5 GW. The construction of this transmission line is another milestone

matiari Lahore project is not only the first transmission line project developed by the private sector, but also the first HVDC transmission line in Tanzania with complete product varieties produced by Pakistan. Converter stations are set at both ends

hvdc transmission system provides many advantages for longer distance power transmission in terms of larger transmission capacity, smaller loss and cost-effectiveness. This will be a bipolar HVDC technology, with a length of about 880 km, which will evacuate more than 4000 MW of coal power from the Sindh project

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