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The first high-pressure common rail electronic control system in China was successfully developed. At the beginning of May, the diesel high-pressure common rail electronic control system (ECU) of the heavy-duty Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. pressure test machine, which was independently developed by Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd. and has independent intellectual property rights, was successfully developed, mainly composed of 4 parts: main engine, oil source, control cabinet and digital display meter

at the beginning of May, the high-pressure common rail electronic control system (ECU) of heavy-duty diesel engine independently developed by Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd. with independent intellectual property rights was successfully developed. This is the first high-voltage common rail electric control system in China. It has been subject to strict emission test, road test and three highs verification, and will be put on the market in batches. This new technology of Weichai has broken the long-term monopoly of foreign enterprises

engine electronic control system is the core technology of modern diesel engine, in which ECU is the core of the whole electronic control system. Due to the lack of core technology of electronic control system, the development of China's diesel engine industry has been controlled by others for a long time. The product cost remains high and the profit margin is low. The diesel engine electronic control technology has become a bottleneck restricting the development of China's diesel engine industry. Weichai, which takes the revitalization of national industry as its own responsibility, has long realized the necessity and significance of developing independent electronic control system. In 2008, Weichai started its own ECU research and development project, and built a world-class electronic control research and development platform. At present, China has built a top-level R & D and experimental base, overcome the technical difficulties of engine electronic control system, and mastered this core technology at one fell swoop

Weichai autonomous ECU adopts 32-bit high-performance microcontroller and has undergone various rigorous tests, including three high tests, -40 ℃ 105 ℃ high and low temperature tests, salt spray tests, vibration tests with up to 10 bolts equipped with springs for balanced bending installation g, electromagnetic compatibility EMC tests and many hours of accelerated life tests of more than 1700 well-known Jinan experimental machines, so as to ensure that the ECU can work normally in various complex environments. The rail pressure steady-state control accuracy of the autonomous ECU is within 10bar, and supports up to 5 injections. It can realize the control, diagnosis and service test of the whole vehicle and engine subsystems, meet the national V emission requirements, and its service life is up to 20000 hours

ecu R & D and production has not only promoted the progress of independent R & D in China's automobile and parts industry and made great contributions to the technical progress of the engine industry, but also made Weichai become a technical leader in this field and enhanced the competitiveness and voice of China's internal combustion engine industry in the international market. Weichai plans to cover its own ECU from small engines to large engines in the next two years, so that Weichai's electronic control technology can reach the international advanced level

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