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The first domestic distributed photovoltaic system was completed in Qingdao, Shandong Province on December 22, the first domestic distributed photovoltaic system was completed in Qingdao, Shandong Province. This is the first private roof photovoltaic system project that has successfully generated electricity from the whole process of hb225 - 650 application, approval to system integration since the implementation of the opinions on doing a good job in distributed photovoltaic power generation and service (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) of home appliances on November 1

the project is located in a residential quarter in Shibei District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province. Mr. xupengfei independently applied as a private owner. The installed capacity of the system is 2kW. A total of 4 240wp polysilicon photovoltaic modules, 5 230wp polysilicon photovoltaic modules and a 2kW inverter are used. The modules are provided by Shanghai Xihe Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and the inverter is provided by Shenzhen jingfuyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in addition, China green power provides monitoring equipment to monitor the operation of the whole system in real time. The project adopts the mode of "self use and surplus power supply". The user's electricity consumption and photovoltaic power generation are measured by two electricity meters, and the photovoltaic power generation of the day is 8.5kwh

since the implementation of the opinions, local power enterprises have actively accepted the application for distributed photovoltaic integration in accordance with the overall requirements of "support, welcome and service". China Qingdao branch took the lead in completing the formalities of the household roof project from project application, project approval to and access, and provided comprehensive and detailed support services. It completed the system and power generation in only 19 days. Relevant leaders of the branch company have been to the site for many times to guide the work, providing guarantee for the smooth progress of the merger

home PV system has been quite popular in Europe and the United States and other countries, with relatively perfect corresponding support policies, and is the main terminal form of exported PV products. With the implementation of the opinions, the positive attitude of the executive meeting of the State Council on photovoltaic development and the successive introduction of a series of favorable policies, the domestic market demand is emerging. The first domestic photovoltaic system is used to avoid the success of falling people and objects, and may become the start of the domestic small and medium-sized photovoltaic system market. Tian Yuansi, manager of the inverter supplier jingfuyuan, said: household photovoltaic systems with an installed capacity of less than 5kW have been applied in a large number of cases in Australia and Europe, and the technology is mature; In China, the previous application has been limited by the lack of corresponding policies and can not be promoted. The successful acceptance and connection of the household photovoltaic system this time undoubtedly opened a skylight for the depressed photovoltaic market hit by the European and American anti-dumping measures

lujianzhou, general manager of Taoke technology, said: "Green power has sponsored a TK series photovoltaic data collector and 20 years of photovoltaic data remote management services; and will later serve as a real-time release platform for the power generation data of this photovoltaic power station to provide the public with relevant power generation information.

this time, Mr. Xu built a small photovoltaic power station on his own roof, which provides practical experience for China's photovoltaic distributed home applications. As the first home-based power station in China since the launch of distributed photovoltaic power generation, green power It is a great honor for us to participate in the project

this time, the thermosetting automotive composite materials so rapidly formed by Qingdao electric power company: the balanced characteristic response for mass production also surprised all parties. It took less than one month from application to site and cooperation, and the power sales contract was signed on the same day. This provides an example for the domestic distributed home photovoltaic power plants in the future. "

the purchase price of some kilowatt hours of electricity on the residual power of the 2kW system shall be subject to the local desulfurization coal price. The relevant electricity departments said that the domestic distributed photovoltaic subsidy price is under active research and discussion, and will be purchased back according to the new price after the final subsidy price is determined.

the first case of household distributed photovoltaic system also provides a good opportunity for photovoltaic communication with electricity. How to optimize it is in line with China's reality The distributed support policy for the situation, how to manage and promote small distributed systems, and how to take this opportunity to stimulate the demand of the domestic photovoltaic market are all worth discussing at the beginning, and we hope to promote the healthy and orderly progress of the domestic photovoltaic industry. After the "great leap forward" growth of domestic photovoltaic enterprises, the development of end-user systems should be cautious, standardized before development, so as to achieve the survival of the fittest and restore the vitality of the industry

in addition to the doomsday rumors, if n=3, then n=1, December 22 may be a memorable day, which is a new beginning. Although 2kW is small, it leaves a huge imagination space for the future of domestic photovoltaic. As Mr. Xu, the owner, said, "today, the photovoltaic industry is troubled, I hope this cold winter will bring positive energy to the whole industry." The curtain of photovoltaic rebirth may slowly open, and it is worth waiting to see what the future will be like. Zhonghua glass () Department

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