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Decoration requires spending money to buy things everywhere. Some things can't be saved, while others can be saved. Many friends save money because of where they should spend money. Their wives scold them for problems after decoration. But the place that shouldn't spend money has spent a lot of wronged money. Therefore, it is very necessary for us to understand some consumption knowledge points before decoration

I. [the most expensive place in decoration]:

[waterproof, circuit] the pipes used for electric wires and water pipes must be of good quality. In case of leakage and power failure, it is troublesome to chisel the ground and compensate for the losses downstairs

[range hood] the range hood will not be replaced for more than ten or twenty years after it is installed. Buying a cheap one with high noise and poor smoking effect can be regarded as a long-term torture

[shower showers] it has been proved that never save on showers. Poor quality showers are very painful when taking showers, and it is also troublesome to replace them if necessary




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