The restaurant design of Yigao will make you cool

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In the midsummer of 40 ℃ +, the air seems to be boiling. In this hot weather, eating has become a difficult thing... Yigao's exclusive customized exquisite restaurant meets you with a fresh breath, enjoying delicious food and feeling the cool summer at the same time

40 ℃ + midsummer

the air seems to be boiling

eating in this hot weather has become a difficult thing

easy high custom home exquisite restaurant

meet you with fresh breath

feel the coolness of summer while enjoying delicious food

simple restaurant

▲ the dining room integrates tables and cabinets, with large storage space, highly suitable cabinets, and convenient access to items. The white dining table and chairs with dim yellow lights have a unique flavor. The gray and blue tones are invisible and cool, making people calm down and enjoy delicious food in the hot summer

Nordic restaurant

▲ a storage wine cabinet is designed in the corner, which is beautiful and simple. The bright and clean dining table, small and exquisite dining chairs, hazy flower shaped chandeliers, shutters and green plants add to this restaurant, making it full of the refreshing feeling of summer life

fashionable restaurant

▲ the wine cabinet is combined with the bar design, the simple line side cabinet looks elegant and neat, the modern bar is simple and fashionable, and the strong lines reflect the personality of modern young people

simple European restaurant

▲ the integrated restaurant kitchen, which is mainly made of white, has elegant table layout, ivory brightening, water lake blue table flags embellishment, which is well matched, simple and neat, and improves the beauty

romantic restaurant

▲ the restaurant is mainly white, with light green floral wallpaper to create an idyllic style, and the fresh and light color matching gives people a refreshing and pleasant feeling. In such a spacious restaurant, it must be romantic for two people to spend a candlelight dinner and listen to music




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