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The spacious living room makes people feel comfortable and comfortable. The elegant restaurant adds a different atmosphere to the family's meals. The warm bedroom has become the best place for the owner to release his fatigue... Xiaobian wants to share this group of fashionable two bedroom and one living room decoration renderings with you. I believe you will also love such a flat and warm home

decoration effect drawing of two rooms and one living room

in the decoration effect drawing of two rooms and one living room, the so-called "see the whole leopard by looking at the decoration design of the TV background wall in the figure, you can imagine the atmosphere of the whole living room by looking at the decoration design of the TV background wall in the figure," back "shaped TV background wall design, the back of the TV is pasted with elegant wallpaper, and the periphery is inlaid with dark mirrors, Three delicate small spotlights on the top emit bright light, which is reflected on the TV background wall to form a wavy light and shadow pattern effect. The whole space looks simple and fashionable. Recommended reading: "60000 create Guohai science Road, simple, two rooms and one living room, super warm"

decoration effect drawing of two rooms and one living room

the sliding door of glass separates the kitchen from the dining room. The semi open decoration design does not affect the visual permeability and achieves the purpose of enhancing the ductility of vision. At the same time, it also effectively prevents the escape of kitchen fumes, thus ensuring the freshness of the air in other functional areas. In the effect picture, the restaurant environment is elegant and fresh, the modern simple style of dining tables and chairs are fashionable and elegant, and the green plants on the desktop and side cabinets give the space fresh vitality

decoration effect drawing of two bedrooms and one living room

the reddish brown solid wood wardrobe is embedded into the bedroom background wall to ensure the flatness and beauty of the space. The sliding door design is very helpful for the collection and placement of clothes. The designer decorates and decorates the middle of the wardrobe with some white patterns to avoid the overall monotony. The dark coffee color of the background wall at the head of the bed is low-key and warm, making the space less fashionable and more elegant. The gorgeous Fuchsia bedding on the bed has become the highlight of this effect picture. The color is dazzling and adds romance to the bedroom

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