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When one person is in trouble, everyone helps. Ronggao door industry embodies the enterprise spirit of "caring for employees and people-oriented" all the time

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everyone helps when one person is in trouble. Ronggao door industry always embodies the enterprise spirit of "caring for employees and people-oriented". On November 11, the donation ceremony of Ronggao charity foundation for Dang Zebo's seriously ill son was held in the conference room on the third floor of the company's office building

Comrade Dang Zebo, who has entered Ronggao since February 2011, is conscientious in his work and gets along well with his colleagues. However, on August 30 this year, a bolt from the blue news turned the happiness of an originally happy family of eight into sadness. The second son, who was just a few days old, was diagnosed with neonatal enteritis, pneumonia, septic shock, septicemia and intracranial infection. Fortunately, after more than a month of rescue treatment, he has now passed the life-threatening period. However, because the treatment of sepsis and intracranial infection is complex, the treatment time is long and the treatment cost is expensive. For families who are already in financial difficulties, capital has become a major difficulty at present

after the company leaders know about it, they immediately hold a charity foundation. Upon the decision of the leading group of the foundation, comrade dangzebo was given a loving donation

people gather firewood and the flame is high,

lend a helping hand and condense love,

because we are all a family

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