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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, and the "new era of spending" is coming. Under the backdrop of increasingly fierce competition in shopping malls, heavy sliding door manufacturers need to upgrade all goods and services

consumers' understanding of heavy sliding doors has become higher

according to the survey of domestic heavy sliding door shopping malls, in the more than ten years of heavy sliding door career development, consumers have gradually become the real subject of leading career development. With the continuous expansion of high-end consumers and the middle class, heavy sliding door goods are changing from mass consumer goods to more personalized and customized goods. In addition, because of the rapid development of information technology, consumers' understanding of the profession of heavy sliding doors has also become higher. Consumers began to participate more in the purchase of heavy sliding doors and the whole decoration process. When purchasing, they no longer only referred to the appearance parameters such as the popularity and appearance of the heavy sliding door brand. Today's consumers pay more attention to the conformity of heavy sliding door products and personality The reputation of the heavy sliding door brand, as well as the induction and embodiment of after-sales service and environmental protection functions

the changes in the cost trend of heavy sliding doors are closely related to the changes in the cost environment in the new era, especially the changes brought about by the rapid development of experiential spending. Under the influence of this new concept of spending, spending sharing, spending environment, functionality, intelligence, customization, cost performance and other elements have become the primary trend of the future development of heavy-duty sliding door shopping malls

all heavy sliding door manufacturers need to be upgraded goods and services

in order to get used to the new changes in the development trend of shopping malls, all heavy sliding door manufacturers need to be upgraded. In detail, manufacturers need to formulate a series of promotion strategies in terms of goods and services to meet the "new era of spending" test of heavy-duty sliding door shopping malls. In terms of commodities, heavy sliding door manufacturers need to increase investment in new product development and technological innovation, not only improve the appearance and processing technology of commodities, but also further optimize the function of heavy sliding door commodities and the embodiment of health and environmental protection, and integrate the cost trend changes obtained from shopping malls into the development process of their own commodities, guided by the practical needs of consumers

in addition to the adjustment and promotion of commodity structure, heavy sliding door manufacturers need to pay more attention to the needs of customers in terms of spending experience. On the one hand, heavy sliding door manufacturers need to properly promote the store image of their flagship stores and specialty stores, which can not only improve the store appearance to a higher level, but also make consumers more convenient and comfortable in the purchase process of heavy sliding doors. Together, the overall improvement of brand image has also played a very important role. On the other hand, great attention should be paid to the overall quality of terminal sales and service personnel. In addition to regular training in professional skills and after-sales service, new methods such as continuous service for old users and regular return visits should also be added to improve the overall service quality of the brand

Guanhao doors and windows believes that the professional competition has now entered a white hot, and consumers' understanding of heavy sliding doors has become higher. If heavy sliding door manufacturers want to show their edge in the competition, they need to be not afraid to fight and dare to innovate





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